Cooling off in the Santiam River

There's a small foot trail at the back side of a park here named Waterloo and we always called it out secret trail. But, recently we've noticed a lot more people have discovered the trail, as well, and are leaving trash and other debris around the area. We decided to cool off in the river and pick up a lot of that trash and make the area a bit more environmentally friendly. It's upsetting that people come into a natural area, destroy it, and leave as if the world owes them something. It makes me angry to think how many times that's happened and we, or anyone else, wasn't able to pick it up in time and it ended up in the water ways. Leave no trace is a phrase we fully embrace when we are in the outdoors. I wish other would abide by that, too. On a positive note, we were finally able to get out, clean up nature, and enjoy a dip in the Santiam River. It was a nice day. There was still a bit chilly, but overall, it was nice to be able to kick back and relax for all the stress from the last few months.

Skylar even helped out some river floaters that got stuck on the rocks. When they floated past us they yelled, "thanks a million! Cheers!" And, raised their beer cans. ha!

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