Five Simple Things (July 17)


The riots here go from calm one night to explosive the next night. I can't blame people that are protesting on how they feel, but with destruction of businesses and people's property, the message is getting lost in the chaos. I don't feel BLM is to blame for all of this. This presidential term has caused so much unnecessary problems. It's almost like watching Biff Tannen ruin Hill Valley. I hope there's changes coming in November. There's just too much going on for the 2020 year. I am ready for some positives and some good vibes. Our fire season started on July 5, too. It's been so dry here that I hope our sprinklers can keep up with everything. The grass is crunchy, so that's not a good thing. The highest numbers of infection rate for the United States hit this week, too. Oregon has had five more deaths, one being a 34 year old man. This brings our state death total to 254 now. We are doing our part and only leaving the house for essentials and necessary items. Let's hope there's some positives coming in the following weeks. Here are five things from this week.

1. The Moon.

We've been looking at the stars, planets, and the moon through Skylar's telescope lately and it's given us all a better appreciation for our planet. The constellations and planet alignments we've seen has been amazing.

2. This Cat. 

On one of our walks this cat decided to put on a show for us. It just rolled over and started batting the air. I don't know who lives here, but their cat is extremely entertaining. 

3. These Miles.

Two times this week we took the same route for our miles. I haven't had a lot of energy this week, so the .8 miles twice was an accomplishment. 

4. This Pizza.

We got lazy one night and decided to have pizza we haven't had in awhile. We used to love this pizza a lot, but lately it seems that the flavor is off, or we've just grown away from that taste. We have been eating a lot more organic and local foods, so it could be that our taste buds have changed. 

5. This Question.

Like, what?...

Positive affirmations this week: We must raise ourselves up to be better people. We must raise our children up to be better people. And, we must raise our expectations of others to be higher. Don't ever belittle yourself, or make yourself smaller to fit someone else's narrative. Be better.
“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

― Maya Angelou

Have a nice weekend.

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