Burn to Learn (Jeff)

This past weekend (July 25) Jeff participated in a Burn to Learn with the fire department. We were able to sit and watch how the fire department handles ground and grass fires and how they are able to promptly put them out with equipment and other means. It was interesting to watch how they combat the fire from all angles and are able to quickly tackle it before it spreads.

Backfire flares being shot into the dry grass to simulate a grass fire.

I couldn't decide on these pictures. I just love how Skylar is looking up at Jeff. He admires his dad and I see it in little moments like this and it just makes my heart beam.

Poor grasshoppers were trying to get away as the grass was lit on fire. I felt sorry for them, but unfortunately for them, it saves lives learning how to contain fires, even the lives of little critters like them.

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