Five Simple Things (June 5)


Coronavirus cases seem to be going up, but they have slowed down a bit here, and people have been protesting a lot here because of the death George Floyd. Still angers me that the police seem to forget that we the citizens pay their salary. Without us working and paying taxes they wouldn't have an income. The amount of law enforcement that seem to forget their place, is disgusting. That aside, the county here has been approved to go into Phase 2 of reopening businesses and out numbers for the county seem to be leveled out. We go into wildfire season here now, today actually. We didn't get a lot of rain the past season, so I hope it doesn't affect us too bad. I've been able to get out of the house once this week. I went to the grocery store with Jeff and Skylar. It was kind of painful getting in and out of the car, but it was nice to be able to walk around somewhere besides the house and yard. Sun has been out, too, so I've had a chance to sit out and get some Vitamin D on my skin, which was nice. Hopefully, this weekend goes well and I can get out a bit more. Here are five things this week. 

1. This Gift.

Since I've been recovering from my surgery, I haven't been able to get out and do things I normally do and a friend of Jeff's from the fire department knew this. She placed this on our porch while we were out this week getting groceries and other items for our house. It was a nice surprise to come home to and very thoughtful of her.

2. This Planner/Calendar.

Best part about a new year is a new planner/calendar. I've really enjoyed using the Orange Circle Studios calendars and when the time to retire the previous year, it's always nice to get a fresh new planner for the coming year. This calendar goes from June to June, and if you click the images to the right (gray or pink), you can get the 2021 calendar and get started on your future road trip planning, household planning, or even write in your day to day activities.  

3. This Package. 

I had ordered these before my surgery and due to being backed up and having to send their supplies to frontline workers, our shipment came later than expected. Unfortunately, our shipment came damaged. But, Habitat Botanicals were amazing and replaced everything for us. I was really upset that the glass bottles were not only broken, but completely crushed and shattered. If you haven't heard of Habitat Botanicals, you should check them out. They are incredible. Their products are eco-friendly and packaged with the environment in mind. And, just like the incident above, they are on top of anything that doesn't meet your satisfaction.

4. This Paint Spill.

Someone lost an entire can of paint on one of the streets here and I couldn't help but snap a picture of it. As much as I am into horror, I thought it was pretty cool how the paint landed on the asphalt. Total horror movie vibes. 

5.  This Setup.

This is my setup in my room right now. I sit most days right there and do my work, or write up things I'd like to do when I am feeling better and less in pain. When I am done working, I have Skylar, or Jeff, move my work things to my desk in the other room and I get situated with all the pillows around me and sleep. It's a pretty comfortable setup, but there are days where I don't want to do anything, or even move and I give myself those days right now. Healing is at my own pace and I am not ashamed to take some "me" days. And, you shouldn't either. Selfcare is very important.

-We also watched the launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on Saturday, May 30, 2020. It was carrying the Crew Dragon and headed to the International Space Station and made its way into the history books.

Positive affirmations this week: "What are things you should stop expecting from others?"
This is always tough, but there are six things that I stop expecting from other people and it has helped my mental health and wellbeing a great deal.
1. Closure (With some people you will never get this, let it go.)
2. Apologies (Don't ever expect someone to apologize, it will save your sanity to just move on.)
3. Explanations (Don't seek explanations from people, if what they did is bad enough, drop them and move on.)
4. Understanding (Some people are not worth your time.)
5. Validation (This is a huge no no, don't ever seek validation from others. Make yourself happy.)
6. Belief (If you are in the company of others that don't believe you, seek better people. You deserve better.)
And, other people shouldn't expect any of these from you. If someone in your life falls under any of these six, it may be time to cut them out of your life. You are worth so much more than that. But, remember one last thing, forgiveness isn't for the person you're forgiving, it's for you. I've forgiven a lot of people in my life that don't deserve it, but I didn't do it for them-I did it for me and my worth. 

Have a nice weekend.

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