Five Simple Things (June 19)


Another week of more progress. Got my stitches removed and there's pain with that, but overall it's nice to be able to move my arms without feeling a pulling and almost tearing sensation. My surgeron says everything is healing nicely, just slower than he would like. But, he says that's okay and to not rush it. I've had a slight pain on my right side, especially when I've been laying awhile and sit up. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so the pain there is intense enough to make me cry. My surgeon thinks it's just tissue getting replaced inside my body and not to worry. I had to get a second mammogram this week to make sure that the tissue wasn't dead, and it's completely normal tissue, just not sure where it's supposed to go, so that is a bit alarming. Otherwise, I feel fine and I'm sleeping more than three hours at a time. Three hours at a time may not seem like much, but it's progress to me. We're still staying afloat here while everything with the pandemic gets worked out in the world. Slowly, but surely we are trying to keep everything on time, but we have had to dip into our savings a lot lately. I don't like that and I hope that stress ends sooner than later. My surgery bill has made its way to our door now and so that is another thing to add to the list of "things to figure out during a pandemic." It will all be okay. I keep telling myself that. It's fine, we're fine, it's going to be fine. Here are five things this week.

1. This Tree.

Just getting outside for a bit of fresh air and sunshine has really helped my mood. With everything else going on, I really am trying to keep my mind focused on positive things. Some days are harder than others, but I'm striving for progress not perfection. 

2. This View.

With having a lot of time on my hand right now, Skylar and I were able to sort through the homeschool papers and school things to get ready for the year coming up. Skylar will be in the eleventh grade this coming school year and we are wanting to hit it with our feet running. We have a lot of past grade information that either needs to be filed away, or thrown away, so we tackled a lot of it this past week. Still have a ways to go, but it's a start. 

3. These Brownies.

Skylar and I made the Olive Oil Brownies from the New York Times, this week. I will say, I mostly observed while he made, but they are delicious and well worth the time.

4. This Hook.

Was missing Baz a bit this week, but it's nice to be able to see our Free Little Library hook in is honor. It's even nicer to see people come to the little box, hook their dog's leash to the hook, and look through the books. It really does make me smile. Baz loved walks and he, Skylar, and I have covered ever inch of this city. I cry when I think about those memories, because I'm sad that he is gone, but I can't help but delight in those memories, too. I miss him terribly and I know that he is watching me every day and helping me get through my rough days, just like I helped him toward the end. My blog is dedicated to him and to my cat Meia and I will never ever forget them, or the mark they made on me and the world. They continue to leave that mark, even if it's through a small metal hook on the side of a wooden box.

5. This Sleepy Kitty.

The way she covers her face when she's napping just melts my heart. She's been a little sweetheart this week, too. It's almost like she knows when I am hurting more than normal and likes to comfort me. Reminds me so much of Meia and I just love that.

Positive affirmations this week: "When the seasons change, what do you focus on?"
With the change of seasons I tend to look at it like a fresh start. 
*Spring is about learning: (Learning what you did wrong the following year, or season, and make those changes.)
*Summer is about celebration: (Celebrate what you've accomplished and celebrate the fact that you've come along way since last summer.)
*Autumn is about preparation: (Preparing for the coming winter season and being able to be as prepared as you can for anything that is coming your way until the summer comes again.)
*Winter is about reflection: (I used this time to reflect on how far I've come and reflect on all the good I did throughout the year. I try my best not to focus on the negative or bad things, but sometimes they rear their ugly head and I deal with them head on. I am not a carpet sweeper. I handle things directly and the best way they suit me.) 
I hope these tips help you, too.

Have a nice weekend.

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