Five Simple Things (May 1)


Happy May Day. We don't have any spring-type celebrations other than just spending time in the sun. I hope to get outside sometime today. Jeff should be coming here before the sun goes down to help get me out of bed to be able to walk around outside. I am feeling a bit of cabin fever more lately. My body wants to get up, but the surgery parts are saying no. But, the sun should be a nice compromise with both. If you're interested in the history behind May Day, you can check out how it started and why we continue to celebrate it, here. And, if you're a horror-lover, like me, you can check out Midsommar. It's pretty intense, but a good one. As of April 30, Our World in Data reported that for the U.S. there were 60,966 total deaths, 1.04 million confirmed cases. I keep seeing the state of Michigan in the news, too. It's just as bad other places, but Oregon seems to be staying below the alert line. The governor keeps pressing people to keep wearing masks, keep social distancing, and only go out for supplies and necessities. Which, we have been. Jeff either takes Skylar to go get supplies for the house, or goes himself, after work. There isn't a lot of things we need right now and we are trying our best not to go unless it's a definite need. The last few years, we had been putting food, water, and even money back in a "just in case" situation. We've had to break into the "just in case" food and water stash, as well as the money stash because of Jeff's hours being cut. We are hoping and keeping fingers crossed that his job brings back the cut hours. A positive though, Jeff wasn't furloughed. So, there's a plus, and we are still keeping positive thoughts. Here are five things from this week.

1. These Rocks.

We placed a bookshelf curbside for free and the people that took it returned later with these rock gifts. It was extremely thoughtful and we love the fact that they gave us something like this in return. We love how random and amazing it is. We think these are some sort of metamorphic rock, but we aren't sure. They are now safe and sound in their new home, sitting in our cat palm flower pot. 

2. These Street Signs.

I love street signs that kind of "speak to me." Craven for Wes Craven and horror movies, and High for being high on life and enjoying every bit of it as I can.

3. This Routine.

These positive affirmations are great. We have a sticker on our bathroom mirror that reads, "You are beautiful." So, anyone who looks into our mirror will be reminded that they are amazing and beautiful. Positive affirmations are a great way to remind yourself how great, wonderful, and enough you really are. Another great way to practice positive affirmations is to never tear another person down, no matter what you think is right. Telling someone about their flaws, or even a negative comment such as, "You should get out more" does more harm than good. Never tell someone else what they "should" and "shouldn't" do based on your own life and opinion. It is not your place to do that. Always build them up. If you feel someone should do something, word it in a way that comes across less judgmental. Because, just a reminder, when you "attack" another person with YOUR words, they are not responsible for defending themselves and hurting your feelings in return. Don't be a bully, be a supporter; especially with your kids and loved ones. You never know what other people are feeling, going through, or even how they are feeling that day. If you wouldn't want someone to say that to you, don't have it slip from your lips.

4. The Last Blockbuster.

Not a lot of people know this, but there is still a Blockbuster store and it's literally The Last Blockbuster on the planet. It's located in Bend, Oregon, and you can actually go in, get a Blockbuster card, rent movies, games, and apparel. It's a bit of a nostalgic thing when you can browse movie titles and walk through the store wondering what you're going to watch that night. Brings back a lot of memories, and I hope it sticks around.

5. This Blanket.

Just what I needed for staying warm at night. The color of the one pictured isn't available anymore, but here is one similar, just a different color design.

Positive affirmations this week: "How can you add more fun into your life?"
Traveling, anywhere and everywhere, for sure! I have been keeping a wanderlust notebook of places I'd like to travel to. I also have a Pinterest board labeled "Wanderlust," as well, if you're looking for new places to hit, too.

Have a nice weekend.

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