Five Simple Things (April 24)


Hope things are well. Oregon has been moving forward to help with the spread of Coronavirus here. Not sure what more can be done, other than what is already put into place. There's still people here not abiding by the moral side of the pandemic and the numbers just keep going up. It looks as though furloughs will happen when Jeff works and he is hoping that it won't affect him. Hours have already been cut and overtime is a NO, for all works. They aren't only cut back hours, but less than 40 hours a week. It's stressing Jeff out a lot and in turn causes additional stress on me, because I see how upset he is. My empathy for him is hard to process right now. I'm not only in great amount of pain, but I'm also trying to stay strong so he has at least someone to talk to about his stress. My anxiety, is causing issues, as well. This year is so hard on so many people, so I am just grateful that none of us are sick, and we are able to use a bit of savings that we have. Skylar came into my room last night and started crying and telling me how it all makes him feel. It's just a tough time. I hope, whoever is reading this, you are staying strong. We can and will get through this. Here are five things from this week.

1. This Cooler.

Meant to share this last week, but it still applies. We figured out a good cooler for my bedside while I recover and this wine cooler was the best option. It doesn't get too cold and doesn't have a freeze compartment, which is what I didn't want. The freezer compartment in a mini cooler, probably works for other options, but not for me. The silver dividers come out and can be rearranged to make room for whatever you need. It's prefect for exactly what I wanted. Jeff and Skylar set it up in the front area of the house for the first night, and then moved it the following day beside my bed. It also serves as a good spot to keep my medical needs on top, as well. This cooler shown here can be purchased here

2. This Medication.

Incredible, right? I don't take a few of these anymore, but I was floored at how much I was going to be put on and even more floored at how much pain I was actually in. I stopped taking the Vicodin the day after my surgery, because it made me sick and I was throwing up (more dry-heaving) and screaming every single time. The pain was unbelievable. The worst pain I've ever felt in my life, and I've been mauled by a dog, hit by a car, abused, given birth, and hit by someone repeatedly. Never have I felt this kind of physical pain. But, I see small improvements every day and I have a great team of caretakers that I am grateful for.

3. These Changes.

It's great to see companies making changes for the better. The bamboo handles are such a great alternative to plastic. Always remember, single-use plastic is not for the environment. Small changes can have a big impact, too. Like switching a toothbrush to a more sustainable option, or cutting out plastic wrap, or plastic sandwich bags, or even using plasticware for your lunch. Start small and work your way up to bigger changes. You can purchase these toothbrushes here.

4. This Snowball.

This random snowball left us with so many questions. It was in the parking lot of the local food co-op, yet we haven't had any snow here on the Valley floor. Skylar and I created stories about the mystery snowball all day after seeing it. He drove us over to the store to grab some snacks and more juice and soft foods for me. I sat in the car coming up with my stories. We came up with, it rolled here all the way from the Cascades, fell off a snow truck delivery snow to snowless areas (like ours), or even that the snowball wasn't even there, it was all in our head because we long for snow.☻

5. Malli Jean.

Our sweet duck Malli-Jean has been enjoying the spring growth in the yard. Skylar walked out to give them all a treat of cracked corn and Malli had her beak face down in the patch of clover at the far end of the yard. She's a mallard, but she's pretty cool.

Positive affirmations this week: "What excites you?"
Future planning and knowing all my hard work and struggles will pay off soon. Keeping the focus on the end is exciting. Plus, knowing that things are getting better and improving slowly. It's exciting to look back a year ago and see how far I've come!
(By the way, you can answer these affirmation questions, as well. If you would like to share them, I would love to read them.)

Have a nice weekend.

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