Five Simple Things (March 6)


Less than two weeks away until my surgery day. Getting a bit more anxious as we get closer, but I think I'm ready. I think... We have pretty much gotten everything "we think" we will need. I also have a subscription to a seasonal box and everything that came in it a few days ago is perfect for my upcoming recovery from my surgery. A spring water face mist, a detangler spray for your hair, lip balm, skin lotion that's unscented, and even a travel bag. It was as if it was made for me, this season. But, that aside I would like to get one more thing before March 19. A small cooler to go beside the bed, for cold water and other drinks, as well as my medication and other items that need to stay cool. I haven't quite figured out exactly what I'm looking for, yet, but hopefully soon. Also, the talks of the Coronavirus pandemic are getting a bit more intense. Oregon has a lot more cases now and I am extremely worried it's going to hold me back from my surgery date. My surgeon's office keeps checking in on me to make sure I am staying healthy and prepared. I was sent the paperwork to finish filling out and in the coming week I have to get a mammogram. I've never had a mammogram, so I have a bit of anxiety about that, too, but I am ready and I keep telling myself, it's okay, it's okay, just keep focusing on the positives, so that's what I am "trying" to do. But, here are five things that distracted me from the anxiety and were a positive this past week.

1. This Hummingbird.

Spring is coming with the appearance of hummingbirds. Sometimes they show up and then we get snow, but overall I love seeing them and hearing them this time of year. This one was sitting in one of the Hawthorne trees in front of our house and he was singing away.

2. This Meal.

With preparing for everything lately, we just haven't felt like cooking, or had then energy, at the end of the day. We haven't been out to eat here locally in awhile, so we decided to give Shari's Restaurant here in town a go. With not eating outside the house a lot, our taste in food has changed a bit and the food was quite salty to us, but the positive is, we didn't have to cook it.

3. This Quadratic Formula.

Skylar loves math and I will be honest, some of his math problems really throw me for a loop. This is one of those times. He definitely didn't get his math knowledge from me. I'm more of a history and science person over math. I don't hate math, but I sure as heck don't love it. Skylar loves it and his favorite things is hexaflexagons.

4. This Cake.

I decided to take my mind off everything and bake a cake for us. Baking and cooking are not my strong suit, but I do try. This cake was actually pretty good and it was eaten on all week. The products I used for this were  and the Miss Jones chocolate cake mix, Miss Jones cream cheese frosting, and India Tree Sprinkles on top. We have completely changed our at-home eating to organic, or nongmo. It's helped keep us healthy and overall help keep our weight in check. Organic foods are pricier than conventional, but the one things we like is the fact that you are fuller eating organic and feel less bloated, or irritable. We started changing things slowly a few years ago and slowly started purchasing more and more items that are organic as we ran out. We don't regret it, at all. 

5. Another Rainbow.

We love and we miss you, buddy.

Positive affirmation this week: "What value do you bring to the world?"
The value we see ourselves bringing to the world varies, but for me, my kindness, empathy (for sure), understanding, and patience. I also bring a lot of knowledge that I've passed onto my child, so he can also bring that into the world as he gets older. And, just a side note here, how other people see you doesn't matter. It's all how you see yourself, so love yourself no matter what. 

Have a nice weekend.

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