Gallon House Covered Bridge/Mt. Angel Abbey

Skylar and I took off on a short road trip to check out one of the oldest covered bridges in Oregon. The Gallon House Covered Bridge is the oldest, still in operation, covered bridges here in the state and it was surreal being able to drive over and through it, just like they did when they bootlegged moonshine over 100 years ago. The bridge was built in 1916 and was shut down for awhile in the 1980 for repairs, but it's now back open to traffic both ways. After leaving the Gallon House Bridge location, we took a quick drive up the the Mt. Angel Abbey in St. Benedict, Oregon. It's an abbey for monks and is open to the public, but we did not go inside on this day. 

In 2016, the Gallon House celebrated 100 years

The abbey (view from the front)

The abbey has its own post office on the abbey grounds

Monks walking through the grounds to classes

The monks also brew their own beer on the abbey grounds

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