Five Simple Things (February 28)


Coronavirus cases are a bit more here, not too bad, but still enough to cause concern. I am only two and a half weeks away from my surgery, and it's still a go, as far as I know. My surgeon's office contacted me yesterday to confirm my appointment time and I asked them if I should be concerned and they told me, they are still keeping it on the schedule until they are told otherwise. So, that gives me a bit of relief. I don't watch the news, so I am mainly getting information about the situation here in our state of Oregon, from Jeff, and Twitter. On February 24, President Trump tweeted: "The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA and the CDC and World Health have been working hard and very smart." Hopefully, he is correct. We have purchased a few more things to prepare for my surgery, body pillows, wedge pillows, bed pads for underneath my body to catch any bleeding, etc. I have reading a lot of information online on what you should and shouldn't have before and after major surgery and a lot of it is great information and pretty much common sense. Tips like, "don't have pets in the room," "always have water nearby," and "never get up without assistant," etc. We still have a few more things we'd like to purchase and have before the actual day, but we still have some time, so no stress. For now, here are the five simple things this week.

1. These Chairs.

Skylar and I took a little jot over the mall this week, which is weird to say, 90s flashback to mall time. But, I needed to get a few things at some of the stores there and Skylar always likes to play the games that sit in the middle of the mall. One of his favorites is the Jurassic Park game, where you shoot the dinosaurs as they escape their enclosures. I thought it was funny, that the design of the chairs for the game, looked scared as they faced the screen.

2.  This Carwash. 

I couldn't help but be mesmerized by the way the soap hit my windshield when I went through the carwash earlier this week. Sometimes, and I've been told my entire life, I see things differently and not what other people can see. I think that's a gift, but it does, at times, get me called "weird." I embrace my way of seeing things, though. Who wants to be labeled "normal," anyway?

3. This Bumper Sticker.

I laughed at this because all I could think was, at least they're honest. 

5. This Recipe.

Did you catch the jalapeno popper recipe I posted here? They are delicious and we made them again this week. They are hard to stop eating because they are so good. I am pretty pleased with this recipe, because I can't cook all that well, so it's one I can say, success to.

Positive affirmation this week: "Do you like who you have become?" 
I like how far I've come, but we are all still works in progress. Perfection is not achievable, but satisfaction is. 

Have a nice weekend.

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