Five Simple Things (February 21)


Looks like the Coronavirus pandemic has hit Oregon with a few confirmed cases here. It's worrying me more about my surgery coming up. Hopefully...hopefully, it doesn't get worse. I am not a political person, at all, but our president doesn't seem to be putting forth the required effort to keep things under control. I hope he changes his views on things and stops being so racist with his comments on the virus, itself. Regardless of where it started, he really should think before he speaks. Where we live, here in the Willamette Valley, this area is pretty heavy with his supporters, and the stress they bring seems to be very odd. I hope things don't get worse as this progresses. So, that aside, here are five things that are positive this week.

1. This Kid.

We have been downsizing a lot of clothing and other items throughout our house and coming across some cool things are always a treat. This sweater was actually my dad's. He wore it when he was in college and first married to my mom in the 70s. It fit Skylar pretty well and it's a cool piece to hang onto, for sure.

2. This Closet.

Along with going through items that aren't earning their place in our home, Skylar cleaned out a few things from his closet that he no longer needed. When I say "a few" I mean, quite a lot of things, actually. He says the more downsized and streamline of his closet now makes it easier to get dressed in the mornings and find things. We are going to hit his closet with a fresh coat of paint this summer, too.

3. More Miles.

A couple more miles logged this week. Skylar has been going with me now, too. It's nice to have someone with me, just in case, and I'm not alone. Jeff did get me some pepper spray, but having someone there with me is always nice. This week we did the same amount of miles and the same path. It's nice to have a known path because we know what to expect, too.

4.  These Houses.

I love the modern look of these homes and how they are designed. Boxy houses are some of my most favorite house designs. We've been looking into buying land and have plans to build on it eventually. I would love to incorporate a boxy house into our land terrain and these are definitely what we have in mind. These homes are in Bend, Oregon, near Mount Bachelor. 

5. This Cupcake.

Skylar loves snails, so it seemed fitting to get him a snail-like cupcake at Whole Foods this week. He and I went to eat lunch and run some errands in Portland, Oregon, and as soon as we saw the snail cupcake, we had to have it. He said it was strawberry shortcake flavor and was delicious. 

Positive affirmation this week: "What brings you comfort no matter what?" 
Knowing I am happy with my family/tribe-as long as I have them, I'm good.

Have a nice weekend.

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