Five Simple Things (January 3)


Wow, new year, new you, right? Well, let's hope so. Making changes for the better in 2020, is where my mind is. Here's to a good, fresh start. Well, I say that every year, but as I get older it seems to ring true. I like to reflect on things I didn't get right in the year before and focus on good changes in the new year. Hope your new year went well, though. Ours was low key, as always, and we like it that way. We used to have friends over or head over to someone else's house. Sit and kind of be miserable to some degree, especially gathers we didn't want to attend. We've all been there. But, the last several years, the low key holidays have really been nice. Not stressing over food, or who's coming, or who will be pleased or unpleased. I prefer quiet anyway, because I have PTSD and noise, especially a lot of noise affects me. The quietness of the holidays and the slow of it all, has helped a great deal. Looking forward to spring, though, for sure and here are five things from this past week.

1. Car Wash.

My car is black and with the winter weather, it was covered in road grit, lava rock dust, and even random bits of mud in places. Running it through the automatic car wash here is fun. They have disco-type lights and colored foam, and even as an adult, I find enjoyment in it.

2. College Life.

Still going strong with college classes. Looking forward to a much-needed break, though. Love having a routine, and it helps keep me from having low days with my mental health issues and anxiety, so it's a win win. I'm not really that open about "selfies," but some days I'm just feeling good and want to record that day, if not for anyone, but myself. This was a good day.

3. Canadian Geese.

This time of year brings more and more Canadian geese around and they seem to only run on flocks of about 10+. A lot of people hate them and the seagulls because they are everywhere, which means they make messes everywhere. I actually like them, but I am more partial to animals than I am people, so it makes sense. This flock was seen in Eugene, when we went there to pick up a part for our bicycles. They stood perfectly still while I shot the picture, too. They wanted to be shown off, I think.

4. These Bracelets. 

I've been slowly adding to my bracelet collection. These two are the newest ones. Rose gold circlet that reminds me that I am loved by my tribe, and "Breathe" to remind me to breathe during times my anxiety is getting heavy. With a panic attack it's hard to breathe a lot of times and you end up holding your breath thinking it will help. It doesn't help, it only makes it worse, so a gently reminder on my wrist helps.

5. Eleven.

We bought a few new blankets for the cold nights here in Oregon and Eleven and Hardy have taken upon themselves to "break" them in for us. She's such a good cat, though, so I don't mind one bit.

Have a nice weekend.

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