Five Simple Things (January 24)


What a week. We went to dinner in Newport on Monday night, but after that it seemed like the week was just packed full of back to back engagements with hardly any time to take a moment and breathe. We were definitely glad to see Friday come and the end to a busy week. It seems like some weeks drag on and others just fly by so quickly. The old saying must be true, time flies when you stay busy. Definitely was true this week. Not much really happened other than staying busy, and I hate using that word. "Busy" is such a dirty word for me, especially when it comes to people. I never use the word busy towards anyone, unless I am actually trying to avoid them. I make time for people no matter what. But, some people wear the word busy out and carry it like a badge of honor. No one is every too busy for someone, we make time for the people that we want to make time for. Never take that for granted and never tell someone you are "too busy" for them. Because, overall, you may eventually run out of time. Here are five things that I made time for this week.

1. This Crazy Cat.

Eleven is so curious 24/7. She explores every hole, closet, nook, and cranny, and she still can't seem to explore enough. I've let her go outside a bit more lately and she is so curious about everything in the backyard. She is definitely one of a kind and we love her.

2. This Oil. 
Not the best thing for the environment, but I couldn't help but notice how pretty the rainbow colors in this oil drop looked. It was so bright and vibrate, it really caught my eye. Unfortunately, it started raining shortly after I took this picture and I couldn't help but think, all of that oil is going to go straight into the drain. If your car has a small oil leak, get it fixed. As pretty as this droplet was, it's still not a good addition to the water system, in any way. 

3. This Popup Book.

This popup book is on Harry Potter, and you can get one similar here. We used to love Harry Potter until J.K. Rowling said a few things that hit home from us on a personal level. It's really unfortunate that those in the "celebrity" view, use their platform to judge others and what makes others feel like they aren't enough in this world. For now, we will hang onto this popup book, but only because we are fans of the actors and not the writer behind the story. I hope, in the future, J.K. Rowling changes her views on other people's lives and choices.

4. This Kitty, Again.

Sleeping, face down, after a long day of playing outside in the backyard. Eleven is such a fun cat, I can't say that enough. She's really been coming more and more out of her shell over the past year and we are loving her personality. It's been said that animals take on the personality of their owners, and if that's true, we are some cool people. 

5. Another Selfie.

Still trying to step out of my comfort zone and share more pictures of my face. Although I look at this and see 500 issues and flaws, confidence is not something that was taught to me, or even encouraged, growing up, so it's a slow progress for my mental health. I do like black and white photos, though, so there's a positive.

Have a nice weekend.

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