Five Simple Things (January 17)


It's been raining almost constant this past week and we are so over it. The worst part of living in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, is the rain for days and sometimes weeks. There's no sun, no color in the sky, just gray and rain. It's quite depressing at time. I used to love the rain, but not so much this kind of rain. I enjoy thunderstorms more than just a downpour of water and grayness. With one sun break for about 30 minutes one day, the rest was wet, gray, and blah. Hopefully, before the winter season comes to an end, we might get some snow. Our fingers are crossed.

1. This Shadow.

The one day we had some sunshine and that was it. I had to document a bit of the sun, just so I can appreciate it later. I certain do appreciate it sitting here writing up this blog post. I'm a sun worshipper, so I say, bring on more sunshine!

2. My Car.

I'll never get tired of seeing how my car looks with surfboards on top of it. It just think it screams beach lover and almost looks like a postcard. We are looking forward to more days of surfing soon, if the rain will ever give us a break.

3. Avoiding Plastics.

We've been doing our part to eliminate plastics in our own home. We have switched from using plastic wrap and plastic containers, and switched to Bees Wrap and glass containers. If you want to make this switch, click here and take advantage of a Might Nest start. It's a great way to help you eliminate environmental waste in your own home and offers an item(s) each month to help you switch to more environmentally friendly options. 

4. New Running Pants.
I've been running a lot more lately and have almost dropped 60 pounds from it. (My current goal is being able to run five miles.) In the process of losing weight and getting more fit, new clothes are important. I've been slowly getting more pants and tighter shirts that actually fit me over ones that are a size or two too big. I am loving these running pants from Summer Salt. They have other colors, but the black ones are my favorite, at the moment. You can pick up a pair for yourself here.

5. THC/CBD For Anxiety and Pain.

With weed becoming legal on a state level here, I've been looking into using more THC and CBD products to help with my anxiety issues, chest pain, and panic attacks. I'm not really sure exactly what will work, as of yet, but with such a low tolerance to things, I am starting at the very bottom and working my way up. Here is the first selection of what I am going to try. I really hope I can find something suitable, because my medication is causing my body a lot of unnecessary harm overall. More on this later.

Have a nice weekend.

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