Five Simple Things (January 10)


The year is picking up quickly and getting back on track in the right direction, I think. Hopefully, it stays that way. I maybe having some surgery planned coming soon and I'm a bit worried about that. It's a surgery I've been wanting to have for awhile, and have just been too afraid. I'll speak more on this at a later time when I'm more comfortable, maybe. But, as far as for now, we are getting things cleaned out and figured out for the new year. One thing we've been doing a lot more of is simplifying things. What does that mean? Well, we are making everything in our house earn its place. If I can't find reason in keeping it, it gets the boot. If you're looking for ways to start your own process in minimizing down, there's a link at the top of my blog to help you, it's labeled Minimalism. I'll slowly be adding things over this year to that link in order to help others. Hope you find it useful. In the meantime, here are five simple things from this week.

1. This Cabinet.

We've been slowly, but surly downsizing more and more, and this filing cabinet didn't make the cut. Lucky, it went to an accountant that lives in Newport, Oregon. I was glad to see it go to a good place and be used for a good reason. Not sure what a bad reason would be, but all the same. It was a great piece from our homeschool classroom all these years, but with Skylar being in high school now, we've cut back a lot of homeschool paperwork. That was a chore, let me tell you.

2. This Kitty.

I realized today that I take a lot of pictures of Eleven and not a lot of Hardy. It's mainly because Hardy is so high strung he can't sit for longer than five seconds without having a "squirrel" moment.

3. This Daybreak Glow.

I am definitely not a morning person, but I do appreciate the light glow of my nightlight in the mornings when I get up for the day. Yes, I sleep with a nightlight because, even though I love horror, I don't like being alone in the darkness. Living in a city, it changes you a lot. The sounds you hear are not pleasant sometimes, and having just a small beam of light when those sounds wake me up, is nice.

4. In-N-Out Burger.

A new In-N-Out Burger location went in in Salem, Oregon, and we decided to give them a try. We've had In-N-Out before in Medford, Oregon, but we didn't really like it then, so we thought we'd give them another chance. And, nope, we are not fans. One thing, is sitting in the drive through for over 30 minutes, and the food has zero taste to it. Sure, it's a basic menu of items and would otherwise go fast, but the taste of the food was extremely bland.

5. Air Museum.

Skylar and I took a drive down Highway 101 and ended up in Tillamook. We stopped at the air museum to shoot this picture and then headed back home. We really enjoy taking off on a day trip just to explore. This was one of those times.

Have a nice weekend.

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