Fog Pictures

 I've always been a horror fan since I can remember. Along with the horror, I've always had an interest in anything "spooky" or "scary" in general. Fog is one of those things. I feel like fog takes you away to some mysterious place, sort of like a dream, maybe. I been so lost in the "fog" most of my life. With seeing things differently than most people and also feeling like I could disappear from life in general through fog, itself. Although fog is nothing more than moisture in the air, collected into one spot, and sits in that spot because of tiny water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air, with no wind or breeze to push it along. The National Geographic Society states that fog can also be considered a low lying cloud. Whatever "fog" is, it's one of my favorite things in this world. Because of that, I have decided to dedicate an Instagram account to just pictures of fog. You can view that account here, it's under Fog Pictures, and along with that, here's several pictures that I've taken and featured on the page. Fog doesn't get enough credit for being the amazing, and beautiful sight that it is.

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