Five Simple Things


It's the middle of winter here and we are in for lots of rain, as always. Winters here in the Willamette Valley certainly do many things, but one thing they do the most is bring on the depression. There's a few things to look forward to with all the cold and rain this time of year, but the sadness isn't one of them. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of things to do during this time of year when it's raining hard. Not even hiking, or getting outside. It's just days and days of it and after awhile, it really starts to get to you. But, in the middle of the all the rainy, depressing days, there are a few things to be thankful for. Here are five of those things that made this week a little less melancholy. 

1. This Image.

This drawing was created by a friend and he did such a wonderful job that I can't help but show it off. Definitely a very talented artist, he is. (Thank you, Jerry, I love it)

2. These Vintage Toys.

These toys were at the Eugene, Oregon, Whole Foods location. I used to have a record player similar to the one on the bottom shelf, when I was a kid. It ended up getting broken, but it's nice seeing them for sale again. I was tempted to buy it, but passed because it would have just been an impulse buy.

3. These two random things...

Walking along the city streets, there's a lot of things to take pictures of. I seem to be more drawn to the obscure items than anything else, lately.

4. Eleven cat.

I will never understand people that dump animals, hate animals, abuse animals, or even disregard animals and people that are suffering. But, on a positive note, we gain some great pets because of these people. This is Eleven, she's named after Eleven from "Stranger Things." She can't move things with her mind, but she can knock things over with her tail and that's just as good, right? 

5. College bathroom changes.

Come as you are. It's nice to see the college making changes for everyone to feel important, especially when using the restrooms.

Have a nice weekend.

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