Christmas (2019)

Christmas was chill and pretty laid back. We did a few present runs to finish up some personal gifts we wanted to give, and spend a little time in and around the Portland area, but as far as a hyped up holiday, we really don't do that much anymore. Most of the time when we did do a hyped up, stress-filled holiday, it wasn't our choice. Isn't it great to be an adult and set boundaries that are better and beneficial for yourself? I sure like it. Portland during the holidays is always busy, but it's also always festive and pretty. Here's a highlight of our Christmas holiday this year.

The famous reindeer sign in Old Town China Town in Portland, Oregon. Always love seeing the red nose light up before Christmas.

The downtown Christmas tree in Portland's living room.

A house a few blocks over made our day with the Buddy the Elf blowup in their front yard. I was driving home from class and noticed it. I just had to turn around and take a picture of it because it's one of our favorite holiday movies and we keep it on repeat in our house during Christmas. 

Hope you had a very merry Christmas. 

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