Road trip: Carousel ride

This past month we finally got a chance to ride on the infamous Albany, Oregon, Carousel. This carousel has quite a history to it. The original carousel started in New Jersey and worked its way to Albany, Oregon, where it was restored and brought back to life. The ride animals are all hand carved and with donations and sponsorships from individuals and businesses it's able to provide this wonderful attraction to the general public. It's been in operation since 2017 as the Albany Carousel Project.


As part of keeping the magic alive with the carousel the Albany Carousel Project has volunteers that give you a tour of the building and the work that goes into the carousel going. The tour takes visitors in the workshop of the carousel building where all the hand carving takes place. This is that area and we got a firsthand look at the future animals soon to be added to the carousel.

In the gift shop they have hand carved animals and other carousel items for sale and The Bean purchased this menagerie. The profits go toward keeping the carousel going and keeping the magic alive.

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