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It's been a smoky week here in the Valley and the air quality is really unhealthy. The fires burning around the west coast have really taken their toll on these parts and the amount of loss has been some of the worst that I've seen since moving here to Oregon. Wildfires are common here on the west coast, but this season's wildfires have taken lives in their fiery path, including fire fighters working to contain the blazes. Along with the smoky air here it's also been an up and down weather forecast here, too. One day it will be 80-90 degrees and the next it doesn't peek over 70 degrees. We have definitely had a hot summer here and the 70 degree temps are welcoming, but this time of year is always strange in ways of the summer rounding out the season. With back-to-school it always seems strange to me that it starts cooling off before kids go back. In Arkansas it is always hot and humid when school started and I lost the luck of the draw when it came to back-to-school time because it always hit around my birthday. Which, by the way, is in six days. My sister, who is a third grade teacher in her twentieth year teaching in Arkansas, tells us that they are already on the second week of being back in school. Oregon schools don't go back until after Labor Day. Oregon and Arkansas always have the opposite going on, even with weather. While we are still waiting the hot days to come Arkansas is enjoying some much needed rain showers. Here in our home we are okay with the sunny, hot days, but we're daydreaming about snowfall, too. Here are five simple things that made this week good.

1. This little pouch...

We have all taken a liking to United by Blue and the wonderful selection of clothing/camping/outdoor equipment, but the one thing we are liking the most is their sustainability and conservation efforts. Some of our other favorites:

2. This lunch bag...

The Mr. was in need of some new lunch gear and this was just the ticket. You can get one here.

3. These ducks...

Always doing something to make us laugh.

4. Mighty Fix for August...

Perfect timing for this Might Fix of bug spray. We used it on our recent float trip and it was perfect in keeping the little critters away.

5. This Seventh Generation sample...

I recently received these Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes to put to the test in our home. I'm not really big on the single-use wipes because of the waste, but I can't pass up a free sample to test something from Seventh Generation. These wipes are just what they say, free and clear. They contain no perfume, dyes, and made for sensitive skin. They are a great alternative to the traditional wipes on the market and the best part is, these wipes from Seventh Generation are synthetic and chemical-free. I do wish Seventh Generation would work toward more environmentally friendly packaging though.

A few more things:

• It's almost football season, what's your fight song?

Waste-free kitchen towels. If you can sew a straight line you can make these.

Workout playlist from Peanut Butter Fingers.

Have a nice weekend!
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