Five simple things


This week was hot! We stayed above 95 degrees all week and had to keep a constant run of our air conditioners upstairs and downstairs. I'm pretty tolerable of hot temperatures, my southern blood, probably, but even I was saying it's warm. Here is what our week looked like:

Saturday: On Saturday we headed out to The Mr.'s work and enjoyed their yearly Family Day. There was a tour of the facility where they make airplane parts for Boeing, the military, and other metal fabrications for companies like Pratt & Whitney. It's always a great time for us and we get to see where The Mr. spends 80% of his week. *GASP* In the late afternoon on Saturday we headed to the Benton County Fairgrounds to da Vinci Days. I have to say that da Vinci Days is definitely a science geeks playground. Kinetic energy and engineering at its best!

Sunday: We decided to finally look into purchasing a raft to float the river before the summer is over. We have talked about it for several summers now and this year is going to be the year. More on this later. We also changed out the jet ski tires and moved it from the backyard into the garage. Now that we sold the 8x4 train layout we have a lot more room to work with in the garage and the jetski fits perfectly in there. We are still needing to replace the seat on it and hopefully by next summer it will be fit to hit the water. The Bean also got a new lifejacket, and an ore to go with the river raft. He is pretty pumped to hit the water soon!

Monday: Was a slow day, but The Bean and I covered a lot in the classroom. Keep in mind with homeschooling we never really take a summer break. At the end of the day when The Mr. got home we all took off on our bicycles and rode 2.88 miles. It was a pretty warm ride with the temperature being 98 degrees. With it being that hot we sweat a lot, but it was a good workout. My favorite part of exercising in a hot day is as much as you sweat that shower afterward is heavenly!

Tuesday: We all got eye exams and all of us had to have glasses. Of course, The Bean and I have had eye glasses for many years now, but The Mr. had to get ones this go around. He will have to only use them during long drives in the car, working on long projects, and other tasks that could cause his eyes to fatigue. I feel like all three of us are going to look pretty cool in our new specs. I won't miss a beat with sharing once they are picked up in a few weeks.

Wednesday: We definitely had to water a lot on Wednesday. The temperature high for the day was 102 here and even our poor ducks were feeling the heat. The Bean and I worked on homeschool work, Hardy spent the day inside with us, because if it's too hot for us, it's most certainly too hot for a little doggy.

Thursday: Another slow day because of the heat. The Bean and I organized the backyard and watered everything again for the second day. I feel like we soak everything down and a few hours later it's all dry again. It's extremely dry here in the Valley, too. We have fires burning in random areas around the state and I am always fearful that the field behind our house might catch a spark from something random. One reason why I like to make sure our yard is nice and wet each summer.

Friday: The Bean and I headed out to run errands and while out I picked up a small shade umbrella to place inside the run area of the duck's house. Now they can enjoy their pool in the late afternoon without the hot sun beating down on them. The duckies really liked it and sat in their pool for most of the afternoon. We also had another afternoon of watering plants and making sure all the animals had cool water to drink. So hot here and our air conditioners are working overtime. As hot as it gets here it's nothing compared to Arkansas heat, so it's tolerable.

For the rest of the week, here are five simple things that made this week good.

1. This little leaf and the arm it clings to...

With the hot weather The Bean has been playing in the water as if he was a little kid again. Even though he is 14 he still is a little boy at heart and we love it!

2. This message about simple things...

I've seen this truck before, but each time I see it I am reminded that the simple things in life are all that matter.

3. This sweet duck...

Have to do a single duck spotlight on this sweet girl. Her name is Fern and she is the sweetest Mallard duck. We've been told that your own animals take after your own personality. If that's true then their temperment should speak volumes of their owners. 

4. This hot doggy...

With the heat being bad this week this little doggy has been spending a lot of time indoors with us where he belongs.

5. Mightynest for July...

Mightynest this month was laundry stain stick and laundry powder. The stain stick has already removed a lot of stains I couldn't previous get out and the laundry powder smells like lemonade. The best part with Mightynest for me is the fact that every time I order from the company 15% goes back to my home state of Arkansas to the school I graduated from. I worked with the PTO president for a couple of days setting it up and they are already gaining $118 straight from Mightynest purchases I've made. It's a great program and you get such great items each month. Hurry and signup to get on the list for August so you can change the way you live and help give back to your school little-by-little. Sign up here.

A few more things:

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These nightstands ♥.

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Have a good weekend!

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