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June 1! Unfathomable! Summer weather is slowly creeping its way into the Valley. We've had a great week and today marks 109 years of celebrating the strawberry here in Lebanon, Oregon. Each year, on the first full weekend of June, this town celebrates the coming of the strawberries. Anything and everything strawberry is celebrated here and it's a good time to share a few past posts of strawberry recipes and past blog posts of the Strawberry Festival. As The Bean gets older we find ourselves doing other things that take us away from the festival more and more. This year we will go, ride a few of our favorite rides, then come back home and enjoy our own space. The Strawberry Festival brings out a great number of people from around the entire Willamette Valley. One of the things the coming of the Strawberry Festival does is remind us that the strawberries will soon be ripe and that brings about many more ways to enjoy the juicy, red, berries each year. Lots of new ideas and meals revolving around the strawberry. I've had my eye on making a strawberry chocolate chip cookie....We'll see what I can come up with. Here are five simple things that made this week wonderful.

1. This travel picture...

This picture of Crater Lake was entered in the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year. I am thrilled to be part of something so wonderful and even more thrilled that my work was considered among other great photographers. You can view the picture here on the site.

2. This little tree...

This sweet, little, Pine tree was growing among a lot of dead trees. I took a picture of it because it always fascinates me how nature recovers, even after something like a forest fire. Mother Nature's healing comes in many ways.

3. Memorial Day...

I love hanging and displaying the United States flag on our house. I just love how the colors look against the side of a house and on our fence. Memorial Day and July Fourth always give me a reason to break out the flags and hang them for all to see and show our support and appreciation for those that gave us what we have.

4. Crimson Clover...

Looking forward to these little baby sprouts to turn into beautiful Crimson Clover along the fence line. Can't wait for all of the little flying pollinators to visit them and take what they need.

5. This lotion...

The Might Nest Mighty Fix for May was lavender body lotion from All Good. This lotion smells amazing! I didn't add anything else to my "Fix" this month, but I have to say, this lotion is half gone already because it smells and feels that great! Grab Might Fix for the month of June here.

A few more things:

Do you remember her?

Maybe a good use of plastic bags?

For kiddos learning to read.

• The Bean always wanted this bed.

DIY: Natural bug repellent.

DIY: Working with Beeswax.

Makes Me Think. Stories of discrimination. 

DIY: Crafts board.

Free yoga classes online.

DIY: Moisturizing body lotions.

One more thing:

-We got quite the scare here in the Willamette Valley this week. A Civil Emergency sent out over the cell phones warned of a “Civil Emergency in this area. Prepare for action.” We were with everyone else around us and wondered what it was and if we needed to indeed do something...
Needless to say, the emergency was to warn residents in Salem, Oregon, of the water condition having low levels of cyanotoxins caused by algae blooms in their water supply. Although, we do not drink the tap water in our city, this is quite alarming being as close as we are to the city of Salem. Not sure what the solution is for that area, but hopefully another warning won't go out to alarm everyone in the Valley. Read more here.

Have a nice weekend.

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