Road trip: Central Oregon

The Mr. and I took off to Central Oregon two weeks in a row. The first road trip took us to Christmas Valley, Oregon, and Summer Lake, Oregon. This Central Oregon road trip was to look at land and other places to possibly have a home base within the next couple of years. This road trip was a nice getaway from the Willamette Valley and we were thrilled to be going east over the Cascade Mountain Range toward some of our favorite areas of Oregon. Here's a quick recap of our recent Central Oregon road trip.

Three Finger Jack

Hoodoo Butte

Mount Washington

North and Middle Sister

Mount Washington

Waterfall from the Mount Washington viewpoint

Blue Lake near Suttle Lake

Black Butte

Cache Mountain

South Sister and Broken Top respectively

North Sister and Middle Sister

South Sister

Broken Top Mountain

This is one of my favorite views near the Three Sisters Viewpoint. This is a view of Cache Mountain through the flat landscape in Sisters, Oregon.

Three Sisters-North, Middle, and South

Traveling toward Christmas Valley took us along a stretch of road that gives you a perfect view of Mt. Bachelor. This view of Mt. Bachelor is just outside of La Pine, Oregon near Fort Rock, Oregon

Inside Christmas Valley, Oregon

Raven watching us closely.

The area of Christmas Valley, Oregon, is flat and the view distance seems to go on forever. The town itself is quite small, including the post office.

Near Fort Rock, Oregon

After a full day of looking around Christmas Valley, we work up the next morning and took off toward an area known as Summer Lake. The highway leading to Summer Lake is a long one, but the travel time was soon broken up by the highway cattle drive. The horseback riders with the cattle were some of the nicest we've met so far on this road trip. They smiled and talked with us for awhile before heading on with the drive down the road.

The views headed toward Summer Lake are some of the most beautiful views of the land. Oregon is in it's prime right now and being in Central Oregon we got to see some of the different landscape that Oregon is about.

Memorial to settlers coming into Summer Lake, Oregon

A great tiny home at Summer Lake, Oregon

Before reaching Christmas Valley there's an area called Fort Rock, Oregon. This area is known for the unusual rock formation that was discovered by a man named, William Sullivan, in 1873. The rock is actually a volcanic landmark called a tuff ring and is now part of the Oregon State Parks system.

South Ice Caves near La Pine, Oregon

We didn't go inside the caves on this trip, but you can view the inside of the caves here.

Diamond Peak near Crescent Lake, Oregon

Lowell Covered Bridge on Dexter Reservoir in Lowell, Oregon. Dexter, Oregon is famous in the fact that it was part of the filming in Animal House.

Lookout Point Dam

Fields of Butterweed near Brownsville, Oregon

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