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What a lovely week it has been here in the Willamette Valley. The hawthorn trees are in full bloom and are as beautiful as ever. The blooming means the last frost is gone and time to start the garden. We spent this week doing just that. We got all of our seeds into the ground with the exception of our tomato plants. We purchased five tomato plants from our local food co-op here that are USDA organic and GMO-free certified. We have really been doing a great job on staying clear of processed, genetically modified foods and our garden speaks volumes of that life choice. Every seed we planted last year was USDA organic and carried the GMO-free certification as well. We've had a few friends and family members try to sway us from our values, but we held strong, even if it did unintentionally hurt a few feelings. I went this week to the local farms' co-op here called, Wilco, to purchase more duck feed. The duck feed we use is USDA organic and in the process of purchasing it I got an earful from an older worker on how organic feed is no different than traditional feed. She told me to do research on what "organic" actually means. I couldn't believe it. Regardless of my choices in what I feed my animals it wasn't her place to tell me what she thinks, or to tell me I am wrong. She even said, "my boss would kill me if he heard me telling you this." I politely replied, "thank you for your input, but I will stick with the organic and I hope the next customer is as patient as I have been. You should give organic a try. We love it!"

I am really at a lose as to why some people are afraid, or maybe uneducated, about organic. We made strawberry jam a few years back with my father-in-law and we used organic sugar. He told us he had never made strawberry jam with organic sugar and it might not come out the same way. The Mr. and I were floored that he would think it's any different than traditional sugar. The only difference that organic sugar holds is the fact that it wasn't grown with chemical or synthetic pesticides. Plus, a lot of organic sugar doesn't go through the bleaching process either, which is a healthier option overall. The Mr. and I have decided to continue our lifestyle choices and hope in the process that we can educate family, friends, strangers, and even opinionated workers at a farm supply store on how great it is and how much better it is for your body and mind. Here are five simple things that made this week good.

1. These trees...

The Hawthorne trees this time of year are one of my favorites. They bloom such a vivid pink color and as the sun hits them turn a brilliant red. Such a cheering color and no other word describes them other than, "beautiful."

2. This neighbor cat.

It sits in this window each and every morning and watches the birds. The view I have of it in the mornings always reminds me of a book cover.

3. These pictures.

These pictures were taken on a cloudy day seconds before rain came down. The clouds rolled in just as I clicked the shudder to snap the pictures. I've been playing around lately with lighting and these were just experimental pictures, but I love how they came out. I really enjoy the faded look of pictures in focused photography. Reminds me a lot of the pictures taken around the 1970s when color photography was just getting popular.

4. This sundial...

Because it takes some practice, but we are slowly learning how to read one. Here's one similar to the one above.

5. These Mallard ducks...

We saw these during our last Sunriver trip and I can't help but think of Fern and Malli looking just like that female when they get bigger. Mallard ducks, male or female, are one of my favorite animals. Such beautiful coloring and mellow temperament. 

A few more things:

P. Allen Smith is representing Arkansas wonderfully.

The Toy Factory in Corvallis, Oregon.

• Or, how about, How to be a Hippie?

• Need to know step-by-step how to make, or do something?

Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

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