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This week has had me all giddy. The Mr. and I are taking off on a fun excursion to the Christmas Valley area to look at pieces of land and a few houses for sale. I jokingly have made the reference-going from one Valley to another-per-say. Needless to say, I am looking forward to this little jot away from the "current" Valley. The Mr. and I are headed east this weekend and next weekend, so our calendar of road trips is quite full for the next two weeks. I hope this trip east this weekend will be a good chance for us to see what is available and give us some direction on whether or not land purchase there is a good investment. Meanwhile, I am packing and planning today and getting things around. The Mr. is getting off work early so we can get on the road before 1:00 p.m. This will be the first time The Bean will have a night alone and we are hoping things go well for him. He is getting to see if he can go a night without us in ear-shot, or quick driving distance. I feel the night alone will go just fine. After all, he has Hardy with him to alert him if strange things are afoot.

Here are five simple things that made this week good.

1.  This flower stand...

Part of Peoria Gardens this flower stand sits right off the highway into Corvallis. We love getting fresh flowers and placing them throughout the house. This flower stand makes that possible each and every week.

2.  The Blunder Bus...

Not sure the story with this bus, but I think the message on the back is wonderful! Happy trails to them!

3. Forest foraging...

The Bean and I have had some fun the last few weeks foraging around the Willamette Valley. We've found a few edibles here and there, but learned that both of us couldn't care less for any mushroom foraging. We have ran into a few other foragers along the way, but are slowly learning what it's like to know that food is free. We just have to forage for it. (more on this later)

4. This day trip...

The Bean and I have been taking off on various day trips lately just to get out and about. He is homeschooled so it's easy to just hop in the car after a morning of lessons and go somewhere random for a few hours. This week we decided to jet over the Cascade Mountain Range and see how the mountains looked on the other side. And we weren't disappointed. The views and the weather were perfect!

View of Belknap Crater and Mount Washington from the Mount Washington View Point on Highway 20 near Hoodoo Ski Bowl.

View of Three Finger Jack along Highway 20 near North Santiam Highway junction.

5. Yogi Surprise...

I have to always give a good shout out to Yogi Surprise each month. This is April's boxes that came toward the end of the month. Such a great box of goodies. Above is the Lifestyle Box and below is the Jewelry Box. These two are always such a welcome in this house. You can welcome them to your house too right here and get a $10 credit towards your first box with code: REFPPUHLW8TBI 

A few more things:

• Home is where you park it.

• Swap foods at a Food Swap Meetup.

• This wall planter filled with herbs.

• Need a new mom gift? Try this.

• These storage containers for future road trips.

• Cool recycling and upcycling.

• Local Harvest store.

• Diet like a firefighter with the Engine 2 Diet. 

• Fiji Water delivery.

• Lost any pictures, picture rolls of film, a note, perhaps? Find it here-maybe.

One more thing:

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Have a great weekend!
(Keep an eye open on Instagram for pictures from this weekend's road trip)

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