Five simple things


I feel that I always start these Friday updates talking about the weather, but it seems to be the only big change here right now. On Saturday it was "sunny" enough to be able to get outside and clean up our garden/flower beds and also do a bit of mowing. The grass wasn't quite as wet, so we were able to do a good, clean, mow job and clean up the garden beds a bit to get ready for the planting season ahead. We enjoyed a good relax after it was all done and it's always a moment of completion that just makes it all fell right. So here are five simple things that made this week good.

1. These two.

I know I have posted about these two in the past, but I can't help but enjoy them together. Hardy loves Happy-duck and Happy-duck loves Hardy. It's such a beautiful friendship and they are definitely pals. I hope we have them both for many years to come. 

2. This midnight view.

I decided to stay up late this week to get a few things finished that I've put off and while doing so I got a great view of the moon. This is the view overlooking the field behind our house-looking west. The moon is such a wonderful thing. I love looking up into space and the moon has always been my favorite thing to see.

3. Happy the duck.

With the addition of the other ducklings she's been feel a bit down this week. I spent a lot of time with her outside and let her just be a duck. She enjoyed the moment and also thanked me by bringing me daffodil tops as a gift.


4. These free treats.

It's been awhile since I've had to rely on our local Walmart for anything, but this week I was out of a few things and instead of driving to Corvallis to the local food co-op I depended on Walmart. Even though I am from Arkansas, Walmart is really the last place I want to give my money, but you do what you have to do when in a pinch. I was pleased on this last trip, though. I love seeing stands like this in grocery stores and other food venues that encourage parents to give a healthier snack over something non-nutritious. Although, Walmart could go a step further and offer non-gmo/organic bananas.

5. Dave's Killer Bread truck.

Passed while headed out to class one morning. Love this bread! They are based in Milwaukie, Oregon, and if you haven't tried it I encourage you to do so. Dave's Killer Bread has a bread for every taste. We love the 100% Whole Wheat, White Bread Done Right, and the Plain Awesome Bagels in our house.

A few more things:

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Have a nice weekend!

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