New Car-Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Well, we made the decision to trade in the Smart Car for something with a bit more room. Not only that, but hearing every single time that you drive somewhere, that you're going to die, or you're driving a coffin on wheels, got a bit tiresome. Unfortunately, we didn't want to trade it in, but people's comments and negativity about it, was really starting to affect my anxiety levels. It's a real shame that people can't seem to see the damage their words do to people overall. We did make a decision that once we are in a good place with this car payment, we'll be looking into getting a new Smart Car again, regardless of what others say, but for now, this car is awesome. 

It's a Hyundai Veloster Turbo and it has three doors. I like how sporty it is and that is has some decent horsepower. I like to switch it over to the turbo at red lights and take off fast. We purchased it in Corvallis, Oregon, at a Toyota dealership and funny enough, I was leaving class one day at the college and noticed them putting the stickers and information on it. I stopped the next day and asked about it and went back a day later to test drive it. Two days later, I was signing the paperwork and driving it away. I was really sad to see my Smart Car go, but I did happen to see it for sale a few days later, in the same spot this very car was sitting. 

The day we drove the new car off the lot, we took it on the interstate and got up to 110 miles and hour. It didn't even feel like we were going that fast, so it was a lot of fun. Of course, we don't plan on taking it that fast very often, but that moment, it was cool to live on the edge with it. We are definitely going to have a lot of fun with this car.

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