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We've had quite a two weeks here thus far and Friday for this week is welcomed with open arms. Sort of a good thing, really. I ended up finishing up our taxes and did a few friend's taxes throughout the last two weeks and now I am ready for a break in the numbers game. Friday last week was a hustle to try and get everything done before the day ended so I could sit down and type out a quick "five simple things," but I rushed in vain. It seemed every night I was crashing into bed and asleep within five minutes. Needless to say, it was a long two weeks here. So here we are with five simple things that made my week.

1. These bands.

The Mr. and I privately renewed our vows on February 14, 2018, which happens to be our wedding anniversary too. We met on August 18, 2000, got married on February 14, 2003, and became parents on September 30, 2003. If you do the math here, we have been together 18 years-married for 15. When we got married in 2003, we purchased a wedding set for both and paid $100 for all three rings. Interesting enough, while moving to Oregon, my wedding ring came up missing. We looked high and low to no avail. In that amount of time, 15 years, we both never wore our bands. Now, after 15 years of marriage and 18 years of life together, we wanted to celebrate the highs, the lows, and the in between. We started looking for 15-year bands back in January and found these two a few weeks ago. We got them sized/fitted, ordered, and finally picked up this week. These bands serve as a reminder that no matter what happens, love is really all you need.

2. This snow duck.

Because nothing is funnier than watching a duck in the snow. Side note: She was hatched in August last year, so this was Happy-duck's first time seeing snow. 

3. This duck house.

Happy-duck has her own condo now. We haven't placed it in its permanent location, but for now we have allowed her to try it out. She seems to only like being in it if Hardy is in there with her. 

4. These bags.

On our quest to go zero-waste we've been slowly shifting our habits to more sustainable options. These two bags are helping with that. The one on the left is being used in place of paper or plastic grocery bags and the one on the right is a wonderful habit shift in not using plastic bags for vegetables or fruits, or even nuts, from the produce/bulk department. We've used them already this week and the habit shift has been a great success. 

5. And lastly, Influenster's new VoxBox: Clairol's Temporary Root Touch-up.

This is a powder that is similar to eye shadow and is brushed onto the roots of the hair. I really enjoyed this product for two reasons; One, it was easy to apply. Two, it wasn't permanent, chemical hair coloring. I'm not really big on coloring my hair and I am embracing my grays as I age, so this product was a wonderful test product for someone like me.

           Before                       First                                Second                            Third             

As you can clearly see from the pictures above the root touch-up really does cover grays with repeated application. The best part is I could have stopped at any number of application I wanted to. It was really up to me how much coverage I wanted. If you do plan on using, or trying this product, keep some witch hazel face pads near to wipe away any stray powder that lands on your forehead. There wasn't a lot that fell, but enough that I wanted to clean up a bit. I like to use this kind here

I would have to say that I DO recommend this product to anyone wanting to touch-up some grays here and there. I have light grays and dark hair, so the color match was spot on. The second application almost appeared to look like I had highlights and the third appeared as darker highlights. I was pleased to be part of this Voxbox campaign with Influester. If you'd like to be part of the testing panel at Influenster, you can join here for free. (I received this product complimentary for testing. All opinions are my own.)

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Have a nice weekend!

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