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Good week to you! February 9 is an interesting day-Back in 1964, The Beatles preformed on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' for the first time. 73 million people watched that episode, which is about 40 percent of the population. It was the first time anyone had heard of The Beatles in the United States. Here's a little clip of that performance.

Such a wonderful mark on history, for sure.

This week has been extremely chilly, but on Thursday we had a break from the wind and the sun came out for a bit. We had The Bean mow the grass and pick up a few branches that had blown down. The spring weather seems to be coming, but it's a trick, we think. When March hits we may get some snow, but if not, we will be happy to see the spring weather anyway. With that, here are five simple things that made my week.

1. The duck park, or so we call it.

The duck park, or as it's officially known, 'Grand Prairie Park' in Albany, Oregon. It's always full of some of the most beautiful mallard varieties. Our duck, Happy, is mixed with mallard and we are so drawn to the different colors of mallard ducks. This park is the perfect place to see all kinds of them.

2. A new golf bag.

It was much need, especially since we have been playing more. The new one is on the left and my old one is on the right. The older one is a classic, vintage-style bag, and I loved it, but the person that had it before me didn't take care of it. The bottom was ripping out slowly and the leather was aging. I am sad to see it go, but I gave it a good five years of life before we donated. Hopefully, someone else will love it as much as I did and give it more TLC.

3. Lucky bamboo water plant.

When we first moved to Oregon this was one of the plants that I added to our first rental home. It started as a plant that was a few inches tall to what it is now. This lucky bamboo plant has been growing in this glass container for the better part of 14 years. Unfortunately, as part of our downsizing it was time to say goodbye, but no fear, it went to a good home with someone that thinks it is amazing!

4. February's Yogi Surprise boxes.

Always have to give props to Yogi Surprise. Love their February theme this year with "Love Yourself." You can get on the list for the March box here and get a $10 credit with code: REFUIGZUWWSH8

5. February's book selection.

I am actually super eager to read this selection this month. I love books on history, so this should be a great lesson within a novel. You can see what each month's book selection is here.

A few more things:

Have a good weekend!

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