Five simple things


...from the snowy Willamette Valley. Finally we got some powder this week and The Bean and I were thrilled. The Mr. was even stoked that it came down and it was falling on him pretty heavy when we left the house on Wednesday morning. It didn't stick around long, but at least we got some ground cover and were able to enjoy it before noon when the sun came out and took it all away. And at least I can say we got some sunshine too. It's been a pretty enjoyable week here. I will be playing around with different breads over the weekend; wheat, sour dough, and possibly some kalamata. For now, here are the things that made my week.

1. These Mount Hood candles.

And the wonderful "Brie" at First Alternative Co-op for holding them for The Bean.

2. This evening walk.

Even though it was to the local Walmart, it was a cold one.

3. This infamous gold locket.

Rediscovered while donating "10 more things" for the week. This innocent, little locket has been the backdrop to years of defamation. Truth becomes a farce when assumptions are made.

4. This Share-A-Sale merchant box.

Something new I'm trying with Share-A-Sale. So far so good. More on this later.

5. These tulips.

They looked lovely even after the snow melted away.

A few more things:

Have a good weekend!

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