Five simple things


Our week started out with a great high knowing The Mr. and I would celebrate out fifteenth wedding anniversary on Wednesday. We celebrated with small gifts of love, a dinner out, and lots of affections. I was so giddy the entire day and still am a bit. Valentine's Day means just a little bit more to us because of it being our wedding day. A day we like to call "Valenversary." It's funny to think that we got married on Valentine's Day and for a few years after I always thought, 'How silly.' As the years go on though, I think how neat. I mean, it is the day of love, after all. 15 years though-It seems like just a few years ago we were making the plans at the small bed and breakfast in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to elope. The Mr. and I have been together for 18 years total, but being married for 15 is a great milestone, for sure. It's strange how time goes by, but we still mentally stay in one place. The Mr. is my other half. He really is. I can't image doing life with anyone else. As Betty White said once, "When you have the best, forget the rest."

Here are five simple things that made this week.

1. These flowers.

Because when Valentine's Day and your fifteenth wedding anniversary falls on the same day, you get tulips for one and roses for the other.

On the front of our window right now. ❤

2. A vintage scale.

Found at our local antique store and it was just what we needed right now. I have never liked the weight scales on the market nowadays and this one is perfect. 

3. These car stickers.

Seriously, the best thing this week was these car stickers coming in the mail from Bend, Oregon. I can not wait to place it on the back of the car windows. There is nothing more to say other than, we miss our dog.

4. This air purifying bag.

Mighty Nest sent a wonderful "fix" this month with the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag. It came at a great time too. The Mr. serviced our furnace for the season and the smells in there can sometimes be tricky. This air purifying bag hangs nicely just inside the furnace closet and as sucked up all the stale smells. You can get one here.

5. This curtain tie.

Because it came in handy this week when the sun came out and we wanted it to shine through.

A few more things:

Tennis racket trellis.

Stocking a spice rack.

Organic Himalayan Salt.

A vegan shopping list.

Having to fight for your child's legacy.

One final thing: As The Mr. and I were celebrating a happy milestone in our lives there were/are parents in Florida dealing with the worst loss of their lives. The Bean is the same age-14-as some of those kids that lost their life on Valentine's Day. I've been quite outspoken on Twitter and Instagram the last few days because I feel, as a parent to a child of that age, it is my place. Our wedding anniversary celebration turned to empathy and sadness as The Mr. and I went to bed on the evening of the fourteenth. I can not believe in this day and age we can't stop this. I feel, as a parent, I deserve a voice. Whether it is here on my blog, on social media platforms, or just speaking up to people around me. We should all have a voice, an opinion, and a chance to push forward some sort of change. When kids are gunned down while learning there is nothing worse. Learning in a place they are supposed to be safe. As a parent I can not even begin to know what those parents are mentally processing. I can not even think what they are going to do without their kids. Their kids that are the same age as The Bean. My empathy is so heavy and honestly, that's all I can give them right now. November is election time and that's when I can help make a change. I homeschool The Bean and pulled him out of school shortly after the Sandy Hook murders. I didn't feel that my son was safe in the school he attended. As the father of Jaime Guttenburg said, "She was supposed to be safe. My job is to protect my children, and I sent my kid to school.”

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