Sometimes wants

When it comes to minimizing there's always that chance that we may purchase something we don't need. All in all though, it's nice to dream and imagine what it would be like to buy things at a certain time. It's window shopping at its best. Here's a list of things I'd love to have, but don't really need.
January edition of  "Sometimes Wants."

4.5. 6. 

These items seem to call to me and one, or two, of them may join me in the coming months. Market baskets have peeked my interest for awhile now, but I haven't liked the colors of the ones I've seen at our local co-op lately. Bright red and oranges just aren't my style when it comes to basket colors. I've had my eye on the market basket above for some time now and I feel from this list it is the only thing I can say for certainty that I will purchase. The rest of this list is amazing items from some extraordinary companies. Ethically sourced and environmentally sound companies. And for me, some of them are even local. Give them a gander and see what items peek your interest. 

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