Five simple things


So I noticed something this week. The sun doesn't actually brighten the sky in the west until 8:30 a.m. Making it incredibly hard to have the energy to get going. I'm not the best "morning person," but I think I can venture to say that most people find it hard to get their engines going before the sun has lit the day. Especially, after being sick for so long. I can safety say that I don't like the northwest winters without snow. 14 years of living here in Oregon and the only winters worth excitement are those with powder. We still have our hopes up that it will fall a bit before the spring season starts waking up. We still have plenty of time, so here's hoping. This past weekend we got rid of more things-this time in the yard. Yard ornaments, decorations that serve no purpose, solar lights, etc. What is it with wanting to hold onto random things for so long? The attachment to stuff is so unpredictable. I have found that we are going through the changes in this house. We see stuff that we wanted at one time, but now we are okay with letting it go. I don't know if it's part of the great matter of us changing every season, or if it's just the simple fact that we just don't like being surrounded by things that we don't find useful and don't love anymore. Loving things is a weird concept to me. How can you love an object? I don't think it's so much that we love the object as it is we love the emotion attached to the object, or the person that gave us the object, or the moment in which we received/bought the object. I think that's the struggle that people have to get over in order to get rid of and let go of said object. It's not an issue with us anymore it seems because I get into these moods where I want to "clean up" my space. "Clean up" as in I feel surrounded by clutter and I have to clear the space in order to find some calm. I will go through the house and find "10 more things" to get rid of and in the process I feel a sudden rush of excitement. It really is a pretty liberating feeling when you are finally able to let go of something that ultimately was holding you back and making you feel trapped. Give it a go this weekend. Let go of somethings around you house and keep saying to yourself, "10 more things." Then bag them up, donate them, and breathe.

Here are five simple things that made my week.

1. Sage smudge.

The New Year is always a good time to refresh and restart.

2. Moscow mules.

The Bean's Christmas gift to me. Breaking them in soon.

3. Elderberry cures.

Leans toward homeopathic and it works.

4. Yogi Surprise.

Received the January boxes this week and the theme, "Crown Chakra." Perfectly for January.

5. Organic logos.

Just a reminder to take pride in what you eat and where it comes from. These are the only three labels you need to look for. Read about them below.

A few more things.

• Build a tent.

• Trader Joe's thoughts?

USDA Organic labeling is important.

If the economy did collapse. What then?

• "...hope people will forget their problems for awhile."

Have a nice weekend.

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