Five simple things


It's raining here and cold, but there is a peek of sunlight struggling between the clouds. The Mr., The Bean, and I are slowly recovering from a 'bout of sickness that seemed to knock the stuffing out of us for a few weeks. I feel like I've been talking about "being sick" for weeks now. Hopefully, we will be back in the groove soon, but as for now, we all seem to lose steam about 5:00 p.m. each night. Eating dinner earlier was one of our New Year's resolutions, so at least we are keeping up with it. Have you made any resolutions? I seem to make a list each year without fail just to keep me on track with goals, even long term goals. I'll be sharing some of my resolutions on the blog soon, but for now, here are five simple things that made my week.

1. Ice lanterns.

Water, cranberries, boxwood leaves, and a tealight never looked so pretty. 

2. Porch lanterns.

Loving them so far. 

3. Sugar cookies.

Because what's better than homemade sugar cookies in Christmas shapes after Christmas.

4. January's book.

Find out more here.

5. And finally.

Thoughts on blogging: It's always an interesting thing to see nonbloggers reactions when I tell them I am a blogger/website owner/writer/or whatever we are classified as nowadays. I used to write for a few online newspapers., 451 Press, Examiner, and even Yahoo for a short time. All of them gave me so much experience and each one of them were different in their own way. For the curious, I had the most fun with 451 Press and Steve Shickles-the boss. The writers at 451 Press were all like a family and we talked to each other daily. I'm still in contact with a few of them through Twitter. 451 Press was based out of Alabama and I live in Oregon, which means I worked from home mostly. Unfortunately, the demand for news articles weren't enough to keep any of these outlets going. I was with 451 Press for over five years, Examiner for almost 10, for about four months, and Yahoo, well, they are still going, but ended up outsourcing to other writers that don't even draw a Yahoo paycheck. So blogging just seemed to be in my blood, but I don't blog for a paycheck, or even notoriety. I'm a personal blogger and the best thing about it is the fact that I can look back three years ago and relive the moments over and over again. It's like an online scrapbook that gets shared with the world. Blogging is like social media sharing, but in a timeline form. If you share pictures, videos, or moments on social media, blogging is no different. You take the time to recall the moment and put it into words with a few pictures along the side. A lot of people think blogs are too much work, or time, or don't make any sense, but yet these same people with that thought are sharing to social media daily-Facebook'ers, you know who you are. Bloggers are a certain type of person and it takes dedication even on the days you don't feel like sitting down and sharing anything with anyone. Writers' block, a bad comment, negative feedback, or even no comments at all to encourage you to keep going. It's all part of it. I don't get the comments, or the return visitors on my blog-if anything, I get the "lurkers," and it gets me down at times, but then I remember why I am blogging. It isn't for that. It's for me to share my piece of knowledge, pictures, or just a weekend trip/vacation with others and hope they take away something in the process. 2018 is a good start to sharing more of myself and my knowledge with anyone that comes to this space. For anyone that is just a "lurker" and reads regardless, thank you for returning to this space and checking out even just one blog post. I love blogging and I love the fact that I can see on my stats that over 100 people took time out of their day to see what my little family was up to this week, or this past weekend. I hope I share more of our life with all of you and grow with my piece of the internet. Here's to a great year of blogging and sharing!

Have a good weekend.

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