Five simple things


Happy "after-Christmas?" How's the flu where you live? Here it's running rampant and our house was not untouched. We usually skate under the radar with illness each season, but this year it caught up to us. Of course, I can say we have only have a mild case of it, or so we think, but others are suffering quite terribly. The Mr. brought "something" home a couple of weeks ago and now it has worked its way through the house. I am currently writing bedside sipping hot tea and defusing tea tree and other essential oils in hopes that it will soothe my achy throat and ease coughing. The Bean is sleeping next to me cuddled up as if he were a baby again. This time of year is so tricky because those of us that don't want to get the flu shot end up being made to feel guilty by those that do. Injecting dead flu cells from whatever strain of Influenza they guess might pass through doesn't seem that appealing to me. Then there are those that get the flu shot and get sick anyway. Quite a gamble, if I do say so. We are on the uphill out of being sick, so we are mending. I do feel that this weekend will be a weekend of rest in this house.

Here are five simple things that made this week great.

1. Homemade vanilla.

Nothing better than homemade vanilla extract.

2. Waste-free decoration.

Made from the cuttings of our Christmas tree and it worked out perfectly. The bell is from here.

3. This sweater.

Drying them flat is the only way.

4. Space needle.

From our trip. It was a lovely night.

5. Hardy and Happy.

Two peas in a pod.

A few more things:

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