Five simple things


We've had a pretty good week so far and with no rain today and I am hoping that it will stay away this weekend and stay clear into Halloween. We hit the pumpkin patch this week and also worked in a night where we went out to eat with some good friends. I would love to have a rain-free weekend to put out more Halloween decorations and get ready for trick-or-treaters. We reserved our yearly cotton candy machine for the night of Halloween and are raring to go. We have been giving out fresh-spun cotton candy instead of actual candy on Halloween night for the last few years now and it's just plain fun. This will be our fourth year doing cotton candy and we are anxious to see how many we get this year. We handed out about 200 cones the first year, the second year we spent in Arkansas and spun cotton candy there for a Halloween party, the third year gave us about 550 kids and adults, and this year we are prepared for more. We love the fact that the kids around town know to come to our house for some warm, hand-spun, cotton candy treats. We add a new thing to the mix each year and it's something that The Mr., The Bean, and I prepare for all year long. Can't wait to have another great Halloween night filled with laughter and some great cotton candy. With that, here are the things that made this past week great!

1. Pumpkin patch.

This past week we went to the pumpkin patch and loaded up on some large pumpkins to display this year. Right when we pulled into the pumpkin patch I saw the one I wanted right away. The stem of it was amazing! I love unique things and this one had my name all over it. It ended up weighing over 55 pounds. We decided not to carve them this year and "possibly" just draw a face on, but as the days are getting closer to Halloween I think we will leave them as they are. 

The Bean and The Mr. got some good ones too. The Mr. went with one that was tall and skinny and The Bean went with one that was a perfect pumpkin size-short, round, and the stem being everything you imaging a "perfect" pumpkin to be.

2. Mr.'s bike.

The Mr. finally upgraded his bike options and decided to grab himself a new Raleigh. It looks pretty slick and suits him perfectly. More on this later.

3. This box.

I can not help myself when it comes to some subscription boxes and this one has been peeking my interest for a bit now. I decided to grab one in the off season and see what the hype is about. Being on a minimal journey it seems counterproductive, but I decided the things I don't want, need, or like for myself I can shift them to Christmas gifts and pass along something great for someone else. This box however, was pretty nice. I got a $10 off on it, so it was worth the try. If you haven't seen, heard, or been told about this box, give it a go here.

4. Baz's ashes.

I had mentioned last week about finally getting Baz's ashes back to us. I find myself talking about him now without bursting into tears. I am glad we finally have him home and we'll decide what to do with them in time. We have looked into a company that will turn the ashes into a tree, but we aren't sure what we want to do exactly, as of yet. I will share here once we figure it out.

5. New shop.
I've decided to give Big Cartel a try and sell some of my items again. I never liked being on Etsy, so I was discouraged about starting up another online marketplace. I've been pleased with Big Cartel so far and have listed my hand painted burlap prints on there. I like the clean layout on Big Cartel and how everything is easily accessible. Plus, one benefit over Etsy, you don't have to be a member or sign up for anything in order to purchase. You can access the South North South shop here.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. I think it's so cool that you guys pass out freshly spun cotton candy for Halloween! Last year, there was a couple at our church who bought a popcorn machine to pass out freshly popped popcorn for our trunk-or-treat night. It was a big hit and the kids loved watching how the popcorn machine worked.

    1. Popcorn is a great option! Since doing the cotton candy each year I appreciate anyone else that takes the time and puts effort into making Halloween a blast for everyone. Thank you for your kind words.


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