Our 2017 eclipse from the Willamette Valley

We were in a prime location for the total solar eclipse and boy, did we get a show. I will be honest, and I've said it before, there are really now descriptive words to explain what we saw. It was really the neatest thing to witness live and those that had only partial view, or crescent view, it is not even close to what we had with total eclipse. We are going to be on an eclipse high for the rest of the week and there isn't a whole lot that can compare to our eclipse experience here in Oregon. The Mr. and I have already started making plans to be in Arkansas for 2024's total eclipse. Of course, we will be in our 60s, but hey, it's never too early to make travel plans, right? Here's a recap of our Monday-Totality Eclipse experience.

We first grab us some "Eclipse cookies" from the new bakery in our town called Rodriguez Bakery.

The Mr. and I started getting Emergency alert messages on our phones about the eclipse. Which, was kind of funny to us because of what some of the messages said. The first one that we got was warning of fire danger and at the rate of the way the Sisters, Oregon, fire is going, it was to be expected with this public warning. The second one, talked of climbers getting a better view of the eclipse and could get lost, slip, or get hurt otherwise and warned of falling rocks. The last one though, was sort of comical to us. It warned of looking at the sun directly and to wear protective eye wear. The only reason we found this one silly was because of the warnings that have been literally being blared on the radio, television, and even other people talking for the last month. But I guess overall, it's not a bad idea to "remind" people again.

We got our protective glasses on and started seeing first contact of the moon with the sun. PITA is always game for a little fun. 

The Mr. took some binoculars and got a great view of the crescent through the lenses. We had to turn them around backwards to view the sun. It was a great chance for The Bean, especially to get a good view of the eclipse at the crescent shape. This was before totality happened, so we played around a lot with the different ways to view it. Our pinhole box didn't pick up the view as well as the binoculars did. 

I was in full on amazement when totality hit and the temperature where we were in the Valley went from about 72 degrees down to 49 degrees. It got dark quick, but our solar lights kept it from going completely dark on us. It was really the neatest things I've ever seen in the sky, and we are a stargazing family! I was able to get a quick snap with my Nikon camera before it completely went away. This is probably the best photo of the night through all of our camera we were using. 

This is the view that my cell phone was able to capture, it wasn't clear, but it sure did get a good shot of the moon over the sun. 

After totality and after we all came down from our eclipse high, I was able to snag this picture with my cell phone through the solar eclipse glasses. 

We really did have a great view here in the Willamette Valley, but in Arkansas they were able to see a crescent shape for a few minutes and my brother, Will, and sister-in-law, Kayla shared their experience of the Eclipse with us. The Mr. told them to be sure to wear their foil hats like us and this was the picture they sent back to us...

They even put one on baby Henry! Ha! We loved it!

Their crescent shape was pretty clear through the cereal box viewer my brother made. 

It was a great experience and I am so glad The Bean was able to see it and enjoy it with us, and we were able to share all of our pictures with my family in Arkansas. The next total solar eclipse is supposed to happen in 2024 with Arkansas being in the line of Totality. We have already been making plans to be there for that one too!

...And the traffic afterward...

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