Five simple things

I am actually really glad it's Friday-Friday night here. Earlier today I wrote a post on combating allergies and I will be posting it tomorrow; So look for that. We have had a time with allergies putting a damper on things this week and we are glad to finally be getting some relief. Not sure if it's the rain that took some of them out of the air the last two days, or if it's just that they ran their course with us. Of course, it always seems like I post this on Saturday, if you're east coast, but actually it's 10:00 p.m. here on the west coast. Here's to night owl bloggers?! The Bean and I are sitting here at the table, listening to Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits on vinyl. I forgot how wonderful the songs The Sound of Silence, The Boxer, and of course, Mrs. Robinson and a few others really are. Paul Simon and Arthur Garfunkel are one of kind and will always remain one of my absolute favorite artists. As far as the rest of the happenings for the week, here they are.

1. This basket.

Finally a picnic basket worth taking places. We have had the worst picnic basket for so long that I hated even taking it anywhere. It was made out the flimsiest wicker that is loosely woven together and it was slowly falling apart. I found this one in an antique shop in Springfield, Oregon, when The Bean was on a hunt for some vintage Star Wars. It is an original Hawkeye basket from Burlington Basket Company, probably circa 1970s. Similar to this one if you are on a search for one. Not sure if I want to leave it the yellow color, or paint it. I almost like the yellow, but we'll see how it grows on us before we make any rash decisions. I can't wait to take this basket full of yum yums on our road trips.

2. These wedding souvenirs.

As we are still working on being more minimal I opened a box this week and discovered some wedding items from my brother's wedding (boutonniere and bubbles), and the bouquet I caught at my sister's wedding. It was great to reminisce  and remember how fun each wedding was. Side note: Both of these weddings took place in the summer heat of Arkansas and what all three of us remembered the most from both of them was sweating like crazy. Good ole' Arkansas summers!

3. This truck.

I would say this truck driver definitely has his priorities in the right order. I love seeing things like this on the back of cars, or on trailers. It's a nice reminder to appreciate the little things in life.

4. This tree.

This is actually one of three Hawthorn trees that sit right in front of the house we live in. They are beautiful this time of year and they really bring the entire street into a different light when they bloom. My father-in-law always reminds us how he wants to chop them down. Unfathomable! I hope he does it after we are gone because we enjoy them a lot.

5. These boxes.

Yogi Surprise is always a nice surprise. The Lifestyle Box and the Jewelry Box really are a pleasure to get in the mail each month. The Lifestyle Box for this month contains a lot of great items that are perfect for mother's day. Loving, absolutely loving he mandala coloring cards. The Bean and I are going to have some fun with these this weekend, for sure! We love to color! The jewelry box contained a wrap bracelet and a tassel necklace that are perfect colors for spring. I can't help but mention the Cocomels though. To die for! Sign up for Yogi Surprise here.

1. Lifestyle Box:
• Scented "Be Happy" with Eco Sleeve ($24):Therapy balm that refreshes and energizes you.
• Lilac & Willow Soy Candle, Smudge ($14): Cleanse the energies in any room.
• Mindful Mandala Cards ($20): Reflect and center oneself.
• Nutrawbar Whole Fig ($3): 3 Organic ingredients, without additives.
• Joco Botanical Yogi Chakra Body Bar ($7): 100% all-natural soap that will open you sacral chakra.
• Tree Fig Greetings ($9): Show how much you care with these greeting cards.
• Yogi Surprise Sequence Card: Creative Devine Mother.

2. Jewelry Box:
• Creative Boho Mala ($65): Vibrant hues for the month of May.
• Creative Wrap Bracelet ($32): Encouraging you to think pink this month.
• Cocomels ($1.49): Something to savor with coconut milk caramel candy

Have a great weekend!

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