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Happy Friday. I hope your week has been productive and worthwhile. I've been in recover-mode since last Wednesday and I'm slowly coming back to life, so-to-speak. I witnessed something that has given me a form of PTSD and I'm mentally trying to come back to my own. You can read about this here. As for this week, we had some fun things here and there, and started planning our San Fransico trip in August. I wasn't sure if I still wanted to take the trip after what happened, but I feel, and The Mr. feels it will do a lot of good in the healing process. Of course, August is a ways off, but every bit of positive thoughts right now are helping. The Mr. has been such a rock this week and I can't praise him enough for how well he has been there for me 100%. So here are the things that made this week wonderful.

1. These tulips.

Not to be confused with these tulips, or these, but The Mr. brightened my week by bringing home some of the most beautiful tulips. He paired it with one of my favorite treats of chocolate-covered coffee beans from the local coffee bar.

2. This golf trip.

The Mr. and The Bean took to the golf course to smack a few balls around this week. I opted to stay in the golf cart and enjoy the blanket I was bundled in. With the rain and the wind, it was quite chilly.

3. This march.

We participated in the March for Science in Corvallis this past weekend. It was a great way for us to ride our bikes and help get the message out to he current administration that science is real. 

4. This walk.

The Mr., The Bean, and I really do enjoy our walks and our smaller dog, Hardy, has been coming along with us lately. Unfortunately, the older dog, Baz (he is 16!), he can't seem to keep up like he used to, so we have been leaving him at home when we go. He loves it though because he gets to stay inside near the fireplace while we walk. When we go away from our own neighborhood, say to downtown Eugene, to walk, we take both dogs and do a light stroll instead of a fast-paced walk. 

5. And these.

Might Nest this week sent some Stasher silicone snack bags and my add on this month was the Glad Rags overnight cotton pad. I am pretty excited about both of them and can't wait to have The Mr. give the Stasher bag a try in his lunch box. You can sign up for Might Nest here.

One last note:

This bike.

The Bean finally got a bike upgrade that he's been wanting. He went with a Raleigh Talus in black and red and he is loving it! Paul's Bicycle Way of Life in Eugene, Oregon, put it together for us. We ordered on the Raleigh site and they ship it to the nearest bike dealership that deals in Raleigh and they assemble it for free. The Bean test rode it around the parking lot before we loaded it up and took it home. 

As far as the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) mentioned above, this is something that can't be controlled from happening, or be ignored. If you or someone you know is suffering from PTSD, allow them to talk, and be there for them when they need someone. Someone with PTSD needs to talk and be given the chance to be heard, and know that they are loved. The most crucial time is when they actually open up and want to speak, but most of the time a PTSD sufferer will remain silent and slowly be processing in their own head. The worst part of having PTSD is being so hard on ourselves. PTSD is something in this country that gets overlooked and a lot of people tell the person it is all in their head, but the time to heal that mental thought needs to happen. Don't ignore, criticize, or belittle a person suffering from post-traumatic stress. You will only hinder the healing process. Remember, the emotional toll of a traumatic event can cause all sorts of emotions to come out. Don't be afraid to address each emotion individually. And most of all, don't be ashamed in having PTSD. It is very common and just know, you aren't alone, and you are going to be okay.

Here are a some articles that helped me and hey may help further your recovery too:

Have a great weekend!

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