Friday things

Wow, what a crazy day. It was sunny earlier today then the dark clouds rolled in and the rain hasn't let up once. I like the rain, but I am ready for a break already. We have had some crazy weather here lately though. It seems there will be sun in the morning until about 4:00 p.m. then the rain will start and won't let up until the early morning. But one positive is, the spring flowers are looking lovely. Here are the things that made this week groovy.

1. These windmills.

These neat contraptions are in Corvallis and they move with the wind. They are an art installment and they are to honor the Canadian Geese that frequent the Willamette River. Each goose moves, as well as each arm they sit on, when the wind blows. 

2. This moment.

The Bean and I are snagging some time in the evenings before bed to enjoy some tea, check out things online, and talk about current issues in the world. I feel it's important that kids are given a voice to be able to have some sort of outlet for what they face in the world, especially recently. Tonight he is helping me with my Friday things. Check his out here.

3. This sign.

The Bean has been running a small, used, bookstore out of our home and he is open on Fridays and Saturdays. He has been doing pretty well with it and is really excited with every book he sells to someone seeking a new read. 

4. This kitty.

This is Eleven, and she doesn't like the garbage collector's truck-it is rather loud-when it passes. She always checks it out when it collects our trash then she will sit and wonder what the heck was that? She is getting a spaying next week, so more on that after it happens.

5. Comestible Journal.

I ordered the new journal from Comestible Journal, labeled "Protest Fuel." I felt it was necessary for me to have it as part of my collection. It didn't disappoint. Check it out here.

"Fighting for what is right is worth it." 
-Have a great weekend!

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