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"Friday things" has seeped over into Saturday, but that's okay. Here we are with "Friday things" on a Saturday evening. The Mr., The Bean, and I took a little walk through town to the local movie theater here and watched a movie. We also ate at a local restaurant, stopped and did some shopping at a local business, and purchased some chocolate from a local candy maker. As we walked back home I felt really good to know that everything we did tonight was all local. It's a good feeling when you know you can always find time to give back to your own community in some way, even if it is on a Saturday night stroll through town.

On another note, can you even believe it's almost Christmas? We have roughly 15 days until, and The Mr. and I have spent this week decorating a bit here and there for the big day. With our minimal journey we have literally gone from three large plastic tote storage containers down to one small one (below).

I feel I could cut the Christmas fat a bit more, but I won't know exactly what to part with until we go to take things down. We really enjoy decorating for Christmas, but I thoroughly enjoy things that don't have to be stored. Things like, living wreaths, a living tree, living garland, berries, popcorn, etc. You get the point. So we will have to see what else will make the "giveaway-cut" when the time comes to pack it all away.

We'll see...
Here are the things that made this week great!

1. Snow

We got a little sprinkling of snow this past week. It stuck to our roof and on the roads and sidewalk for a bit, but melted off quite quickly once the sun came up completely. We are in for some more snow soon this following week and The Bean and I are hoping it sticks around for awhile.

2. Lights

We took a walk to the local Christmas light display here in town. The city lights the tree up and local businesses contribute lights throughout the park to bring a festive turn to the area. 

3. Kitten

Speaking of walks, this kitten was found on one of our recent walks and it was running in and out of traffic. She must have been abandoned and left to find her own way. The poor thing was looking at every car that drove by us and it broke my heart for her. Having a soft spot for lost pets we picked it up and went door to door asking if anyone had lost her. Several knocks, and "nos," later she is now here with us. We weren't planning on keeping her, but she grew on us and now has become part of our household. Our 16-year-old Persian Siamese isn't too open to her right now, but we are sure she will come around soon. The Bean has named her "Eleven" from "Stranger Things." Seems fitting for her so far.

4. Tree

We snagged a winner of a tree this year. We were on the hunt for a tall, skinny one, but not too thin. I think we found the perfect fit for us! It measured about eight-feet tall and almost nine-feet when the star gets settled on top.

I always enjoy going to get our yearly Christmas tree. It's such fun finding the perfect one, loading it on the car, and driving home with it. Just how it should be!

We have it up right now, but I have been hesitating to decorate it. I am just enjoying how simple it looks without having anything on it. That will change this weekend though.

Side note, if you follow me on Instagram I shared a video of how the Christmas tree business is booming in Oregon. There is a video here of how helicopters are used to rig the trees from the field and loaded onto waiting trucks to be send all over. It's quite amazing really. This image above is from Silver Mountain Tree Farms here in the Valley.

5. Positive Health Wellness

If you're looking for tips, information, or just general knowledge of health and wellness check out Positive Health Wellness. The site is packed full of informative information to help you stay on the right track with your health and wellness.

Have a great weekend!

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