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It's Friday night. Exactly a week after the biggest shopping day of the year. I only took part in Friday shopping after Thanksgiving once. I was after childrens' shirts at a department store and it was crowded with women, men, and even kids reaching and grabbing. Those shirts ended up costing me more than they were worth-I got kicked in the shin and even elbowed in the eye while trying to make my way through the crowd of angry and loud shoppers. I got what I came for, but ended up leaving the store limping and scared. That was eight years ago and I will never again be part of that hustle and bustle. After that Friday I started realizing that the way people act and the way they shop wasn't for me at all. So much yelling and hostility toward each other, after the day we are supposed to be thankful. Makes no sense to me. The Mr. and I have made a few purchases lately through Amazon Prime. We got rid of cable a few months back and have taking advantage of the Prime benefits. Our Christmas/gift shopping is a bit different this year. We have been on a mission to purge a lot of our things and in turn, some of the things we are getting rid of are still great items. Our minimal journey is getting to be a wonderful decision. Keep in mind when you do your shopping for Christmas, just because a store is having a sale doesn't mean you have to go shopping.

As I mentioned the Friday before last-I meant to update last Friday, but time got away from me, my brother and sister-in-law flew in to be with us for Thanksgiving. Their plane was delayed in Dallas before flying into Portland, and we got caught up in holiday traffic on the interstate, so it was quite an adventure to and from the airport. Of course, they have been here before, so this wasn't their first time coming into Portland to see us, but this was the first time someone has been here during the holidays, They flew out on Tuesday-November 29-and even though it's been two days since they left, it still feels weird that they aren't here. We are slowly getting back into our old routine, but the house is quiet. I can't wait to share more about their visit on the blog soon, but for the time being, here are a "few" things that made my week awesome.

1. This reminder

With the holiday season here and a lot of us forgetting what's important, remind yourself to step back, think about where you should be.  And remember to keep your spending down during this time if you're on a minimal journey with us.

2. These Mightynest fixes

I can not say enough about Mightynest. I love getting their Mighty Fix once a month! These dish cloths have been one of my favorite items. I love how strong they are and how great they feel when I wash dishes (we hand wash in this house, no dishwasher). These cloths were actually the September Mighty Fix. October is below and I am eager to see what December has in store.

You can sign up for Mighty Nest's Mighty Fix here.

3. This squash

I've been cooking experimenting with different types of squash lately and this spaghetti squash was my first. We enjoyed it cooked with a bit of Alfredo sauce and baked chicken added. It was delicious! The recipe I used is below.

cut squash in half from stem to bottom
remove the seeds taking care not to remove too much of the inside
drizzle with olive oil 
sprinkle with sea salt and pepper
lay cut side down on a parchment lined baking sheet
bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes
remove from oven and allow to cool for 20 minutes
using a fork scrape down the sides of the squash slowly
place "noodles" in a separate bowl
drain excess liquid and they are ready to use

We've been using leftover turkey, too! I am on a mission to not have any Thanksgiving waste this year. Turkey Soup is next!

That's it! You can use them for just about anything that calls for noodles. They are a great alternative to regular spaghetti noodles and they are low in fat and in calories. Enjoy!

This week is only three things, but I promise next Friday things will be back on track, so come back soon!

Have a great weekend!

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