Friday things (Oops)

Oops! I missed the "Friday things" yesterday and I apologize for that, but here we are. This week has been a productive week. We have been getting little projects done to get ready for family coming in on Thanksgiving day. This will be the first time since we moved here to Oregon that someone has flown from Arkansas to visit us during a holiday. It's going to be exciting! We have a lot planned and the Friday after Thanksgiving I hope to have an update to our week. Meanwhile, we are slowly getting over all of the craziness of the election results and watching CNN every morning while I check emails makes it sink in more and more about how people feel. Of course, the media isn't the best place to learn about things in a calm manner, but watching rioters cause damage to public property and other places, really angers me. According to news outlets, most of the rioters weren't even voters. Being so close to Portland where we live, it bugs us to think people would take something that far when they didn't do anything to stop the outcome of which they are rioting about. Most people call us Liberals here in Oregon, but the ones that really have a voice and want what's important and good for the entire nation actually voted. The Mr. and I got into a discussion with the owner of the record store in Corvallis, Happy Trails Records, on where small business owners are concerned. His views were similar to ours in the aspect of, we will just wait, see what happens, then take action if needed. I do hope the nervousness that everyone feels right now subsides over time and good things are in store, but then again, I am always a half full kind of person. Of course, getting into political talks on a personal blog isn't smiled upon by some, but then again, as Erin from RMTL says, Shift your habits into something good: As in making yourself heard. This doesn't mean throwing bricks and boulders through windows, or spray painting your name on the side of a Starbucks. It simply means, get involved with the real people behind who we vote into office. In the SNS household we are Green Party. The Mr. and I are already deciding ways to get more involved with our local group here in the Willamette Valley. Do the same with your party, state, and affiliation. Don't take to the streets, or voice your opinion of hate and slander. You most certainly won't be heard by the right people. I hope these ideas lead you somewhere and ease your mind just a little.

Here are the things that made this past week great.

1. This road trip

We took a road trip to the William L. Finley Wildlife Refuge in Monroe, Oregon. The refuge was once a homestead of the Fiechter family-circa 1855. It's official name today is John Fiechter House

The carriage house on the property of the Fietcher family. Up the hill is the Cabell house/hunting lodge.

The house above is part of the preservation of the refuge. The primary management goal is to provide wintering habitat for dusky Canada geese. (source)

The burning of the land is the same type of controlled burning the Native Americans did to preserve and manage the land

2. This hike

At times we take hiking trips to McDowell Creek Falls near our home. This hike was a chance to see how much water had been collected in the falls since all of the rain we've been getting in the valley lately.

The Bean standing at the middle falls with PITA.

3. These Hawthorne berries

I have been investigating the Hawthorne tree in front of our house lately to see when the berries are just right for plucking. I determined that they are overripe by this time of year, but possibly will be good around the middle of October. I have been learning ways to use them for a tincture or salves and I am eager to experiment with the berries next year. (Maybe look for something in the shop in the future)

4. These boxes

Some of the subscription boxes I have each month tend to come in on the same weeks at times. This week I received a few back to back. The Honest Beauty box is above and it had the new Truly Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner, the Powder Cleanser, the free sample of the Invisible Blurring Power, and a free sample of the Beyond Hydrated Shampoo and Conditioner. I will say, the Invisible Blurring Power is amazing and The Bean and I really like the Beyond Hydrated Shampoo and the Sea Salt Spray-not pictured. If you haven't tried Honest Beauty, give them a go.

We also received our Honest Company box this past week too. In the box was a surprise for the Halloween season; Their yearly Halloween bag. We have been getting The Honest Company now for two year and this is the second time we've gotten a special gift during this time of year. The Bean used his bag from last year to go trick-or-treating with, but they are good for everyday use as well.

Also, the Walmart Beauty Box for Fall came in this week. This is a seasonal box that comes out four times a year. I have actually canceled this subscription due to the fact that some of the products are starting to repeat and it contains products that I don't really use on a regular bases anymore. It was great to get it for a year though! If these are products that you enjoy you can sign up for this seasonal box here.

5. These lifestyle changes

The Mr. and I have been on a mission to eat better and actually maintain that better lifestyle. I was a vegetarian for about six year when we first moved to Oregon and a lot of the foods I ate came from the local coop. I don't have plans of going back to full vegetarianism, but some of the lessons I learned have carried over to our eating habits now. The Mr. and I have been shopping strictly through our local coop for foods and have even purchased a turkey for Thanksgiving at our local shop. Of course, the photo above is of the Sundance Natural Foods Cooperative in Eugene, Oregon, and we enjoyed lunch there this past week. Their hot bar is amazing! Our local cooperative is First Alternative Coop in Corvallis, Oregon.

Have a great weekend!

By the way, if you're so inclined to get organized before the holidays here's some wonderful advice from Colorado Space Solutions. Anne from CSS has been a lovely person to communicate with lately on organizing and I feel I must pass along their article on "30 Home Organization Bloggers to Follow Right Now." The article is packed full of great bloggers and they give some amazing tips you might not have thought of. I hope it helps you in your organization journey.  Enjoy!

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