Week-End: Things that made my week awesome

What a great day! Well, minus the rain. We've had such a long week we are glad to see this weekend and especially Sunday. The Mr. and I have been planning another road trip for our #snsroadtrips and we have been having a lot of fun figuring out a good place to go. Hopefully it will work out for us and I can have another place to mark off of our "bucket list." For now, here are the things that made this week awesome!

1. This camera

The Bean purchased him a new Polaroid camera and he has been having a blast with it. He likes the exposure the camera creates and has been snapping pictures of everything and everyone. 

If you're curious if Polaroid film is still made, it is. You can get it here.

2. This book

If you're curious about the September book selection for SNS, here it is. "Better than Before"
by Gretchen Rubin. It's a book about what the author learned about making and breaking habits that we create over time. It talks about sleeping more, quitting sugar (which is a hard one for me), and how to stop procrastinating. You can see the entire list of book selections at the link "Library" at the top of this blog.

3. This "prescription"

Meditate, exercise, avoid processed food, eat more organic fruit and veggies, and spend more time outdoors and less time in front of electronics. Seems like the right way to cure the coming on winter blues or just the daily slumps.

4.  Gardening tips

  • Feed your lawn with fertilizer.
  • Take down hanging baskets, replace with winter/spring flowering versions.
  • Plant evergreen shrubs.

  • Prepare your pond, greenhouse, and put your tools/outdoor furniture away.
  • Divide perennials that have become too large.
  • Rake up fallen leaves and spread them between the perennials in the border of flower beds and gardens. 

5. This cleaning mission
We've been taking out camping gear out and going through, downsizing, and cleaning everything. We have cast iron skillets as part of our camping gear and they were in desperate need of a scrubbing. This tip I cam across in a magazine (I forgot which one) really helped out. We have decided to go minimal with our camping equipment too, so we were in need of an overhaul on our camping box and gear. Plus, we found out, we are in need of a new tent! *sigh*

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