Week-End: Things that made my week awesome (end of summer)

Since summer is coming quickly to a close. Although I love fall, I can't seem to look forward to winter hitting and winter always follows fall. This season has been a great season and a lot of things to be grateful for in this chapter in our family. I hope that we have just as better fall season and go into winter with an open heart. Finding ways to beat the winter blues is always a hard one for me, but reading always seems to help forget that it's raining, or cold outside. Here's some more suggestions from The Honest Company that I think are great, too. The Honest Company has been a great sponsor of this space. They offer incentives to pass along to my readers and they share my same values and cares for the environment and my family. I am so thankful of our relationship. If you are looking to change your daily routine with health products and cleaning, give them a chance. There is an ad for them on the right-hand side of this blog. Thank you for the chance to pass that information along. Here are the things that made my week great!

1. This herb

Nasturtium is a great herb. It can spread, but is easy to control. I planted them in my herb garden this year and they took off! This herb is a great way to bring color to your garden and the best part about it is the fact that the leaves and the flowers can be used in place of pepper. Drying the leaves and grinding them up is a good way to use them, or add them directly to salads to give them a bit of a kick.

2. This visitor

This cicada has been a visitor here in our yard for the past few years. This year he decided to plop himself right on the trunk of our Blue Colorado Spruce.

In the south, we always knew it was summer by the loud buzzing of the cicadas. There were times we would go swimming at the local swimming hole, or the lake, and the cicadas would serenade us the entire time. Here in the pacific northwest, the cicadas are smaller, but still put out that familiar buzz. I enjoy seeing them every year. They give me a great reminder of my southern home.

3. These geocache finds

The first one was found under a bench and was pretty easy to find. The second one however, was a bit more tricky and took us a few attempts to locate it. Some geocaches are tricky, tricky. We enjoy looking for them when we are traveling and it's always fun to read some of the logs. We've seen people sign the logs in Spanish, Chinese, and even German. Those are the ones we enjoy the most.

The geocache pictured above is one called a bison tube. It's just large enough to hold a rolled up signing log and a small pencil.

4. These products

As I've stated above, The Honest Company offers some great products to help people live a better life with good, quality products. We use the Gel Cleanser and the Powder Cleanser in our house. Having a teenager (The Bean) going through puberty and having break outs, the Powder Cleanser helps his skin take control of those breakouts. The Gel Cleanser is a great product for The Mr. and me to clean our mature skin without drying it out and causing additional breakouts.

5. This quote

As our summer comes slowly to a close here on the pacific coast we can't help but think it was a good summer here. Although others are suffering from lose, fire, floods, we here in the Valley slipped through the cracks for devastation on that front. We did have the lose of a dear friend's daughter, but her celebration of life was enjoyed by us. We can't help to think she would have loved how many people came out to her life celebration. She would have just loved it! 

And a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother, Will!

  1. These pants peek my interest.
  2. These Christmas stockings.
  3. This property has peaked our interest.
  4. Rental home in the Hampton's.
  5. Being more selfish and putting yourself first.
  6. Letting go of the need for other's approval.
  7. Laundry closet makeover.
  8. Chest exercises that work!
  9. Grammar mistakes that really aren't grammar mistakes.
  10. Pitchfork & Crow.

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