Our Garden Currently: Garden beds and solar lights

The Mr. and I have been on a mission to bring a bit of color to the side yard of the house we live in currently. I had a vision of making a large flowerbed in the middle of the yard to break up the grassy knoll a bit. We planted mostly perennials and they have really taken off in a beauty of color. 

The side of the house needed something. When we first laid the dirt down and cleaned the area up it screamed flowers to me.  The picture above is the first week they were planted and I was afraid they might not make an appearance this year. The old saying goes, "first year they sleep, second year they creep, and third year they leap." 

Still a rough draft on the left-side of the house. This is right down, on the same side of the house, as the perennial flowers from above. Not sure what this space will become and I am almost afraid to put much more effort into it because of the winter months coming soon.

Some wild flower seeds were spilled near the fence line and we saw a few of them peaking through the cracks.

The slow-going flowerbed The Mr. and I put in place. We like how it looks so far, but things will start to show soon. I look a night shot because I liked the way it looked. (Of course, this is the first shot when we started and it looks great so far, but we shall see what it becomes before the summer is done.) -Scroll down for an updated picture of the middle flowerbed now.

Solar lights along the privacy fence. This fence will have more depth as the years go on. I am planning a big layout to bring it all together. It's still in the works, so stay tuned. Best part of the new "layout" is the fact that once it's done we can move it with us to a new location if, and when, we find that perfect home of our own. Fingers crossed that one comes along before too long.

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Sending a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Mr.!

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