Week-End: Things that made my week awesome (Extras: Learning to say "no" and Moon Juice)

We had a great week and an even better weekend... The week before this one. On Monday, The Mr. wasn't feeling well and stayed home from work. It's rare to have him miss a day of working, but he definitely needed a day to recuperate. On Tuesday he headed back to work and finished out the week until Friday. Friday morning we all went to breakfast and it was weird to go to breakfast with The Mr. and The Bean during the week. Most of the time The Mr. is working and The Bean is homeschooling and I am working. Since Examiner closed its doors my whole schedule is weird. I am slowly getting used to being a "stay at home mom," but it is different. The Mr. and I have even talked about expanding our little family, so everything is on a different orbit right now. It's been an adventure, for sure! After Friday's breakfast date, The Mr. went to his golf tournament and on Saturday we took off to Hood River to tour the Full Sail Brewery... And that's where things get tricky. We had planned to camp near Hood River and stay somewhere near Mount Hood, but for it being a Saturday night all of the campgrounds were full. We decided to bag the camping idea and just find a hotel room, but nothing was available on that idea either. We were on the road until about 2:00 a.m. searching surrounding towns and campgrounds near Hood River, but everything was already taken. It was about that time The Mr. suggested we sleep for a bit at a rest stop and take off for home instead. We were a bit bummed to not find a place to stay and even more bummed that there wasn't any campsites. We definitely learned our lesson to call ahead and book something solid, or get to our destination early to secure a spot. Of course, all of this happened the week before and I didn't post a Week-End post because we arrived home and our heads finally hit the pillows close to 5:00 a.m. We used all of Sunday to sleep off our crazy adventures. This past week it was more calm and less adventurous. The Bean had his state testing for sixth grade on Monday and The Mr. took the day off to be available for support, While The Bean was taking his test, The Mr. and I went on a breakfast date and to pick up a few items at Home Depot. On Tuesday The Mr. headed back to work and we finished out the week with little-to-no excitement.

Such a productive Saturday and Sunday last weekend, but this weekend was a bit slower. We attended a Pokemon GO event and sidewalk sale in downtown Lebanon. It was about 105 degrees on Saturday while we were walking around catching Pokemon and doing a little shopping. It was tolerable, but we ended up calling it for our family after 45 minutes. The walk back to our house, which is about four blocks from downtown, was quite the struggle. We were all hot and tired and we all jumped in the pool once we got back. Today we are hoping for a slower day and The Mr. and I are looking forward to a zero responsibility day, for sure! I have so many things to share later this week, but for now here are the things that made this week awesome!

1. This White Wine

This wine is also among the July unboxings. We have really enjoyed the Riesling wine from Naked Wines and side note: You can't reuse a box for mailing if it states that it was used for alcohol before. Learned that this week when the postal worker told me I had to cover up anything that states there was wine in the box. My poor niece and nephew will have to wait a few more days for their goodies from their Aunt. :(

After cover ever inch of the box that said anything about "wine" I was able to mail it through the USPS. Lesson learned. *sigh*

2.  This Minimal Living Thought

Debt stinks, but at least with this mind set we can all fix the problem before it's too late. I am really enjoying my minimal living journey. I feel less weighed down by STUFF.

3. This Skyline

The skies here on the Pacific Coast are beautiful at times. This picture was taken at 9:30 at night. The sun set here takes on some great colors while it slowly fades behind the mountains and eventually sinks into the ocean.

4. This Garage Door

This garage always catches my eye when we walk by it. It just seems pleasing to look at and the different windows in the garage door just speak to me.

5. This Key Chain

Random key chains have been hung throughout the city here. Not sure what they mean, but they are interesting enough to peek my imagination. 

  1. This coffee steeper.
  2. Give yourself permission to say "no" to obligations that don't fill your cup.
  3. Seven Honest Beauty products to take in your carry-on.
  4. Almond X Shakastics Skateboard.
  5. Explore the Moon Kingdoms.
  6. "To be successful you need to minimize contact with people who are not successful."
  7. How the Crawley's made their money work for them over time.
  8. How about a getaway in a Gypsy Wagon.
  9. I miss old school libraries, don't you?
  10. Take a family vacation that is geared toward just wild crafting alone.

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