Week-End: Things that made my week awesome (Extras: Closet organizing and Cherokee Morning Song)

So glad today is Sunday and a do-nothing-day. Our neighbors (The Bean's "adopted" grandparents) went on a hike with us yesterday and boy did they keep the pace going. We took the dogs with us and poor Baz was exhausted when we got home. The hike took us about two hours and Baz wasn't the only one ready to collapse when we came through the door. The Mr., The Bean, and I had gone on a 10 mile bike ride the day before and we were a bit sore from that already, but this hike really pushed us over. We are ready for a relaxing break today. I plan on doing some light house cleaning, but other than that, we are beat. 

1. This Trooper

I am so proud of this old doggy. He has some hip issues, but has been such a trooper with his walks.Yesterday's walk really was a lot for him, but he didn't quit. Stops at the river really helped too. He's on some new hip/joint medication and we are definitely seeing a difference. Here's to more walks with this friend.

2. This Window

This was sitting in a window of someone's house while we were walking. It scared me when I looked up, but after I realized what it was, we laughed. No clue who or what it represents, but we liked it.

3.  This Hello

This is on the side of the boxed water I've been drinking lately. Boxed Water is Better.

4.  This Kid

Because gosh darn it, he makes me proud! (Look for our recap of the Foghat concert soon on the blog)

5.  This Moment

After our walk yesterday this is what my house looked like. The Bean was crashed out on the couch in the other room. Exhaustion to the max!

  1. Broaden your education. Always keep your mind active.
  2. Story behind the Shamrock Shake at McDonald's.
  3. Closet organizing to the max.
  4. Drink your lemons.
  5. Going to try this packing trick on our next trip!
  7. Cherokee Morning Song with Translation.
  8. Spring vacation dreaming on planning. Wanderlust.
  9. Printing with bubble wrap.
  10. Before and after exterior home makeovers that are impressive.

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