Road Trip: Hot air balloons in Sunriver, Oregon

I'm a bit late on posting this, but I wanted to share it because we had such a great time. Back at the end of July we loaded up the car and headed over the Cascade Mountains to Sunriver, Oregon. We ate dinner and grabbed out blankets and binoculars to enjoy the "Balloons over Sunriver." They didn't get off the ground, but they lifted them up into the air at sunset and with the sun setting behind them it was a pretty neat show. -If you remember, we stayed a summer in Sunriver back in 2013.

On the way to Sunriver one of the many mountains along the Cascade Mountain range is the one 
pictured below. The sign of the mountain points out the view of Three-Fingered Jack.

Because it is summer there isn't any snow on the top of Hoodoo Snow Park. The ski lift looks strange sitting there without any snow around it.

A view of Mount Washington and two of the Sisters' Mountains.

As we sat and watched the sun set people started filing in and before too long there was over a thousand people there to watch the hot air balloons.

Soon the balloons arrived and they slowly started filling them.

The sun set pretty fast and the hot air balloons took about an hour to fully fill and lift off the ground.

It was such a great sight to see as the hot air balloons lifted with the sunset. This event was free to attend and Sunriver is one of our favorite places in Oregon. We were so happy we made the trip over the mountains and enjoyed the evening.

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