Road Trip: Hike and summer dip at McDowell Creek Falls

This summer hasn't been all that hot, but it's been warm enough to enjoy some cool water along a creek. McDowell Creek Falls is sort of a "hidden" creek along the outskirts of the South Santiam River. It has small water falls that pour down the sides of rock facings and a great hiking trail that loops around the creek and through the falls. We have been the McDowell Creel Falls many times before, but this day just seemed right for another visit.

The Bean loves the outdoors and with homeschooling it's easier to fit in some nature study more than he would get in public school or private school. We love the concept of incorporating our regular studies inside the classroom with studies outside the classroom. Sort of a Nature Study school. 

Little PITA dog was trying to get his water legs. He took some encouragement at the start, but before long he was jumping in the water like a duck.

Although this photo looks candid, the real story is that The Bean lost his flip flop at the top of the falls and had to run down the hill to catch it before it drifted down the creek. He did grab it in time thanks to a pool of water stuck between the rocks. 

Baz hates being wet, bath time is an adventure, but he was loving the trail hike. He loves to put his nose to the ground and just go where it takes him. In his old age he is really good about staying with us even when he is off of his lease. 

The Bean tried to surf the water at first, but kept loosing his footing on the rocks. So he decided to "body surf" the water instead. He said he is going to bring his boogie board the next time.

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